Xbox Series X Controller Hands-On Confirmed:

Xbox Series X Controller Hands-On Confirmed:

The new controller for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S can be seen in the first hands-on pictures, the name of the cheap next-gen console has been confirmed.

A Twitter user has already bought a new white controller for the Xbox Series X from the mobile marketplace online, revealing the name of Microsoft’s cheaper next-gen console. The controller for the Xbox Series S and Series X can also be seen in the video and compared to the Xbox One controller.

Twitter user Zack has already purchased a controller for the next-gen Microsoft Xbox Series X for $ 35 from the OfferUp online marketplace, confirming the name of the cheaper and stripped-down version of the Xbox called the Xbox Series S. as you can see on the package (see below ). The controller, which is also compatible with Xbox One. It comes as leaked earlier in Robot White and should also be included in future consoles from Microsoft.

Xbox Series X img 2

Xbox Series X img 2

Xbox Series X img 2

Xbox Series X img 2

Hands-on with the new Xbox controller

The early controller owner then posted a short video and a comparison image with the Xbox One controller, which are embedded below. The controller should be authentic, as the US website TheVerge reported and comes with a share button and a new D-pad. It is still unclear when Microsoft will officially present the new consoles; similar to the Surface Duo, it will probably be so far in August. The cheap version of the Xbox Series X developed under the name Lockhart should come up with the same CPU and offer about 4 teraflops of GPU performance.

Presentation at the competitive price could take place in August

The colleagues from The Verge, among others, are sure that the controller at hand is the real version that is included in the scope of delivery of the Xbox Series S and is also to be sold separately. When exactly Microsoft will present the alternative to its flagship console planned for autumn remains unclear. However, experts have long been expecting a presentation in August. It is questionable with what equipment and at what price “Lockhart” will be placed on the market.

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While the new Xbox Series X with AMD’s Zen-2 processors, RDNA-2 graphics chips and 16 GB GDDR6 memory is supposed to deliver a performance of up to 12 TFLOPs (teraflops), the memory and performance of the Xbox Series S could reach 7, 5 GB and only 4 TFLOPs are limited. Insiders have been anticipating since June that Microsoft would like to make the next-gen entry as cheap as possible in order to be able to assert itself in terms of price against the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5). There is even talk of fighting prices around the US $ 200 or an Xbox Series S subscription including a console and digital services such as the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. See also:

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