Apple’s 2nd generation Magic Keyboard is planned for March 2021 for the iPad Pro

Apple's 2nd generation Magic Keyboard is planned for March 2021 for the iPad Pro

According to the well-known Leaker, Apple is already working on the second generation Magic Keyboard. Which should be compatible not only with the iPad Pro but also with the fourth-generation iPad Air. The new keyboard is expected to hit the market in March 2021.

Apple surprised many customers this spring when the iPad received official support for mice and trackpads through a software update. Along with the new iPad Pro (from € 863 at Amazon) was also introduced to the Magic Keyboard (from € 334 at Amazon), which brings a trackpad with multi-touch gestures to the iPad for the first time.

Apple ipad next generation keyboard

According to the now well-known Leaker @komiya_kj, the second generation of this exciting keyboard case can be expected in March 2021 and unlike the current model, this case should also be compatible with the fourth-generation iPad Air. However, it’s unclear from the tweets if Apple will offer a separate Magic Keyboard for the iPad Air, or if the next Air’s body is so similar to the 11-inch iPad Pro that the same keyboard works for both tablets. Either way, the next iPad Air needs to be expanded by adding more magnets.

It is also unclear what updates can be expected. If you look at the current Magic Keyboard, it’s not hard to see the potential for improvement: the trackpad is high quality but rather small, the keyboard body weighs more than the iPad Pro itself, and the material used is quite sensitive to dirt and function keys. missing, as well as the Esc or Home key. It remains to be seen if Apple will improve the mentioned points.

Twitter = @komiya_kj

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