Apple Music Radio: New name for Beats 1 and two additional stations

Apple Music Radio: New name for Beats 1 and two additional stations

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Beats 1 is one of the most-watched radio stations in the world, probably not least because of its excellent placement in Apple’s music app. In the future, the station will be called Apple Music 1, but will still be available for free. Additionally, Apple is introducing two new channels.

Beats 1 was released in 2015. It is a radio station that streams live around the clock, besides pop, hip hop, and indie music, there are also live broadcasts with Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden, and others. The radio station is broadcast from studios in New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, and London.

In a press release, Apple announced that the radio station will be named Apple Music 1 in the future, but it was not confirmed if anything in the program would change. The station remains freely available through Apple’s music app, no permanent subscription to Apple Music is required – it’s unclear if this also applies to the two new stations.

Apple Music Radio: New name for Beats 1 and two additional stations

With the creation of Apple Music Hits, the tech giant is launching a radio station that will play the most famous songs of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. In addition to music, the station will also broadcast moderated programs from renowned hosts and artists. Apple Music Country has another genre radio station that should feature both modern and old music.

Apple Music Radio is available on all devices that can also stream Apple Music. This includes almost all current Apple products, as well as CarPlay-enabled cars, Android smartphones, Windows computers, and all devices that have a browser to stream radio stations directly over the Internet.

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