GTA 6: Players fuel rumors about Vice City and PS5 exclusivity

GTA 6: Players fuel rumors about Vice City and PS5 exclusivity

The long-awaited open-world shooter GTA 6 has just fallen silent and the rumor mill is fueled. Not only is the popular Vice City being discussed again as a location, but there is also talk again of possible PlayStation 5 exclusivity.

While fans of the Grand Theft Auto series are still waiting for signs of life from developer Rockstar Games, the Reddit, and Co communities are still looking for signs of GTA 6, release dates, and possible locations. Even the smallest things make players indulge in all kinds of speculations. Currently, the and domains, updated by publisher Take-Two Interactive in March and April, guarantee the start of discussions on GTA VI customizations in Vice City, Miami.

The two unused websites have been around since 2009 and 2006, respectively, and are updated every one to two years by Take-Two to keep potential game and brand names safe in advance. It often happens that they will probably never be used throughout the entire history of the company. The rumor mill has its own theory, especially since a Vice City revival was expected in the past. Official confirmation from Rockstar Games? Nothing.

Rockstar Games, Sony, and the hotly debated PS5 exclusive deal

Last but not least, the Grand Theft Auto community is currently preoccupied with a recently released video from British YouTube channel Foxy Games UK. Which again talks about a possible deal between Sony and Rockstar Games. Allegedly, the Japanese manufacturer is to spend millions in advance of the PS5 launch in November to secure titles at least exclusively for the PlayStation 5. The YouTubers speak of a total of 750 million US dollars that should be in the room to secure GTA 6 for release for 30 days exclusively for the next-gen console.

The operators of Foxy Games cannot provide any tangible evidence or details of this “leak”. But it is enough to excite the community and scare potential buyers of Xbox Series X. Such predictions should not only be viewed with a certain degree of skepticism but also assess the situation as a whole. In the end, Rockstar Games wins, especially when GTA 6 sells well across multiple platforms and online multiplayer, including in-game purchases, thrives on all systems. Plus, Microsoft’s pockets would be full enough to be able to strike such an exclusive deal.

GTA 6: has the development of the game already started?

Now that the successful open-world shooter GTA 5 is nearly six years old and has been played on Windows PCs for nearly four years. It’s natural to wonder if Rockstar Games is already working on Grand Theft Auto. 6 works. The group has not (yet) made an official statement on this. But there are indications that work has already begun.

After the launch of the equally popular Western Red Dead Redemption 2 and a short break. Rockstar has posted a whole series of new job announcements. In the gaming industry, this usually indicates that work on a larger project should be started or significantly intensified. First of all, the job requirements indicate that a new game like GTA 6 may be in development. Among other things, they are looking for specialists in facial animation and physics engines.

In addition, some leaks on Pastebin have already indicated that work on GTA 6 is ongoing. What’s more, a reputed graphic designer for Rockstar Games in India has updated his resume by designing cars for the upcoming open-world shooter. How the recently announced departure of rock star co-founder Dan Hauser will affect events remains unclear.

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