iOS/iPadOS 14 Developer Beta 5 update: game crash fix/widget access

iOS/iPadOS 14 Developer Beta 5 update: game crash fix/widget access

Half a month later, Apple officially released iOS 14 Developer Beta 5 to users. The biggest update of this release is fixing a crash issue for mobile games such as Honor of the King / Running Kart. On top of that, Beta 5 is mostly a minor update and the stability and fluidity of the metaphysics.

As for the changes in this version, the details are as follows.

▎Version number:

iOS / iPadOS 14 Developer Beta 4 (18A5342e) iOS / iPadOS 14 Developer Beta 5 (18A5351d)

▎Apple News widget becomes bigger

As part of Apple’s Family Bucket service, Apple News is only open to users in the US and Canada. And this time, the Apple News widget is resized, taller, and can contain more information. However, due to its large size, it can only be placed on the negative screen and not on the main screen.

Ios beta bug fix

▎ Widget privacy

When the widget needs to use location or other permissions, a dialog box will pop up asking the user. Once resolved, the widget can use the permissions for 15 minutes.

Added the “Widget” option to the “Privacy” – “Location Services” settings interface.

IOS bug fixes

▎ “Hide album”

The “Hide album” switch has been added to “Album”. Users can set “Hide Album” by themselves. Once you open it, you can view the “Hidden” categories in the album, but the feature is still not Chinese.

Ios 5 beta update bug fix

▎ Slip adjustment of the alarm clock

The moveable alarm clock in iOS 13 is finally back in iOS 14. The previous version of iOS 14 was modified with digital input.

IIOS 14 bug fix

▎ Exposure notification switch

In Beta 5 Impact Alert, an Availability Reminder radio button was added, and you need to select a country or region to enable Impact Alert. This feature is not currently supported in mainland China.

IOS 14 Beta 5 update fix

▎ Setting the charging page description method

On the Settings – Battery page, there is a slight change in the charging instructions, from Last Charged Power to Last Charged to xx Power, the description is not finished yet.

IOS 14 beta 5 new bug fix

▎Homekit Control Center

Additional Homekit widgets can be placed in the control center. If you have multiple Homekit products, you don’t need to log into the app now.

IOS 14 beta udate 5 bug fix

▎The crash app has been fixed

Apps such as “Honor of the King”, “Peace Elite”, and “Cat Ear FM” that have crashed in Beta 4 have been fixed.

Since this update is still the developer version, I remind you to be cautious when upgrading and make a backup before upgrading. If you find other adjustments or bug fixes, please reply to the discussion in the comment area.

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