Huawei P40 Pro upgrades EMUI 11 and obtains Wi-Fi 6 certification

Huawei P40 Pro upgrades EMUI 11 and obtains Wi-Fi 6 certification

Huawei is scheduled to hold HDC 2020 (Huawei Developer Conference) on September 10. In addition to Hongmeng 2.0, the outside world is also looking forward to the debut of the EMUI 11 system.

A few days ago, after inquiries, the Huawei P40 Pro (ELS-N04) equipped with the EMUI 11.0 system has obtained the Wi-Fi 6 certification of the Wi-Fi Alliance. It seems that the relevant testing work has been in full swing.

However, from the certification point of view, at least the bottom layer of the EMUI 11 system on the P40 Pro is Android 10. Earlier news said that EMUI 11 on the Mate 40 series is based on Android 11, and Google is rumored to release the official version of Android 11 as soon as September 8.

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Back to EMUI 11, the latest news reported that Huawei has made great changes in its AOD design, smart split-screen, and comprehensive system translation services. The experience is very good.

Earlier, the moderator of Huawei’s official overseas community said that EMUI 11 will also change around GPU Turbo, one-handed mode, gesture control, file sharing, security, flight mode, etc., and introduce more cross-device based on distributed technology. , Full scene interactive experience innovation.

In addition, the German IFA exhibition will open on September 3, and Huawei may take this opportunity to bring Kirin 9000 processors.

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