Prosser: Today time to be launched Apple Watch 6 and new iPad

Before announcement New iPad, Apple Watch Series 6, SE specs leaked

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After many rumors about the possible event date and process, it seems that there is only a simple press release of new Apple products(including Apple Watch 6)  starting this month. Which should go live on September 8 (Today). Those who are waiting for the iPhone 12 will have to wait until October.

In the past few months, there has been too much speculation about Apple’s two typical release months, September and October. According to Youtuber and leaker Jon Prosser, it was actually a few hours before the start of the second week of September (usually a new iPhone was brought). This is a simple press release that will go live on Tuesday, September 8. Should go at 9:00 AM Eastern Time. (See tweet below)

Press release instead of event

It was 3:00 in the afternoon. According to Prosser, the appointment in the country can only be confirmed if the media is notified in advance. Obviously, Apple will not release any new iPhone next week. The iPhone 12 generation has been delayed for several weeks, and the longer-delayed Pro model may only appear as part of Apple’s event in October. Apple Silicon MacBooks may also be launched.

Apple Watch 6 and new iPad

Next week, two main products will be launched. One is the Apple Watch Series 6 which is considered safe and a new iPad. Although it is not clear whether the latter is the new iPad Air 4 or iPad 8. In any case, a new design should be provided for the new Apple tablet. In the end, there are rumors, and even industry reports confirm that Apple is developing an alternative to Apple Watch 3-if these “Apple Watch SE” have also been sold this week. They will still be open.

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Are there any surprises too?

The leaker has provided correct predictions for upcoming Apple events and press releases in the past. Therefore, at least a new Apple Watch and a new iPad will actually be released on September 8. Surprised us, the less prominent product. For a long time, people have been expecting in-ear headphones with the name AirPods Studio.

Apple may only use the press conference on Tuesday to announce the actual conference in late September or early October when the iPhone and Apple Watch will be shown at the same time. This theory was put forward by Bloomberg editor and Apple expert Marc Gurman via Twitter

For Apple fans, today should be the big day, the leaker Jon Prosser (Jon Prosser) asked his source again. According to them, Apple can actually show the Apple Watch 6 and a new iPad at 3 pm. . We are very excited!

Jon Prosser Twitter

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Update: Marc Gurman Twitter

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