Leaker provides hints of new Apple Watch color, fast charging and higher iPad Air prices

Leaker provides hints of new Apple Watch color, fast charging and higher iPad Air prices

The new Apple Watch and the new iPad will be launched this week. It is currently considered safe. With iPhone 12, we will have to wait longer. Recently, a correct leaker who is often unexpected has provided some secret references about new Apple products. Which may also be ordered tomorrow.

One or two new Apple Watch models-formerly is commonly known as Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 6 or even Apple Watch Pro-may be released on the release schedule of Apple’s September conference tomorrow. Which may also bring one or two new iPads. Whether we will get a new iPad Air 4 or an iPad 8 or both is not yet clear. But most of the information is currently available for the former.

For example, it includes many iPad Air 4 protective cases that are already popular on Amazon, as well as the famous Leakser @L0vetodream tweet, which is often particularly active in the run-up to Apple launch events and has often provided correct predictions in the past. In the past few days, he made four key announcements on Apple’s upcoming products. Such as the new iPad, which is expected to be priced between US$569 and US$599. Compared with the current iPad Air, this is only a slight price increase. The current official price of the iPad Air in the United States is US$499

Fast charging for a new Apple product

Apple’s new product should also support “fast charging”, it will still remain open in L0vetodream tweets, which is of great significance for the future Apple Watch. Which will be worn on the wrist at night and is responsible for the sleep there. track.

New Apple Watch color blue?

A possible new iPhone 12 Pro in dark blue would of course be an Apple Watch in the same color and we could actually see it tomorrow, as the leaker no longer cryptically suggests in two tweets:

Apple Watch Orders from September 15th?

The last hint have something cryptic!!. What most observers conclude from the tweet below is that at least one new Apple product will be available to order online as early as tomorrow September 15th, either the new Apple Watches or the new iPad, possibly both.

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