China fired for using iPhone and forced to buy Huawei

China fired for using iPhone and forced to buy Huawei

New US sanctions against Huawei have prompted a series of retaliatory actions from Chinese companies. For example, Jiangsu Capital Wine & Spirits Co. published a list of new rules for its employees.

The list of rules is short and very clear:

  • All employees must stop using iPhone
  • Any employee who buys an iPhone will be fired
  • Huawei phone buyers receive 15 percent compensation from the company

The rules also state that owners of iPhone smartphones must replace it with a phone from one of the Chinese companies within 30 days. Otherwise, these employees will be fired.

Company forces to buys Huawei to subsidize the labor inspection department

Recently, the “Jiangsu Capital Liquor Company” in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province issued a special notice requiring employees to switch to domestic mobile phones within 30 days, and there are subsidies for purchasing Huawei mobile phones, but those who purchase Apple iPhones will be dismissed.

In fact, it is not the first company to force employees to switch to home mobile phones, and some even demand the purchase of Huawei phones.

After the news broke, several media outlets contacted the company and one of the employees explained that this was an internal company notice. I don’t know how this was conveyed. It was based on information security considerations. Even ordinary citizens have the right to support domestic mobile phones.

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The employee also said, “The rules only restrict their own employees. As long as it is recognized by labor law, this is the company’s business. Does this have anything to do with the outside world? ”

A member of the Yancheng Labor Supervision Squad said that company rules are their own business and whether they should be followed or not is up to the employees themselves. If it is unreasonable and illegal, employees are not required to obey.

According to the company, Jiangsu Capital Liquor Company was established on May 29, 2019. Its main activity is the production of wine, drinks, and refined tea. The legal representative is Lu Tiyu with a registered capital of 10 million, but the actual paid amount is 0 RMB. The number of people is 0 and the number of participants is also 0.

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