3M sticky note app “Post-it for iOS” is compatible with iOS 14 widgets and can be synchronized with Mac apps in iCloud.

3M sticky note app "Post-it for iOS" is compatible with iOS 14 widgets and can be synchronized with Mac apps in iCloud.

The 3M Post-it for iOS Notes App is compatible with iOS 14 Widgets. See below for details.

Sticky Widgets an app (widget) can display notes on the iPhone or iPad home screen, like Stickies on macOS, using the iOS 14 widgets feature, but I need a feature that can sync with macOS. When I looked it up, the Post-it app of 3M Company, which sells stationery and office products supported widgets with the update on September 17th.



Post-it v4.1

  • Use the new widgets to place important thoughts, ideas and todo items right on your home screen.
  • With support for Scribble you can use Apple Pencil to write on your digital Post-it® Notes and have the text automatically converted to typed text.

Post-it – App Store

This Post-it app is an app that converts the Post-it® sticker sold by 3M into a digital sticker simply by capturing it with your iPhone or iPad camera. In Post-it v4.1, besides the widget, it also supports doodles supported by iPadOS 14, and late last year a Mac app was released that can sync with iCloud, using Mac Catalyst that can convert an iPad app. announced at WWDC 2019 for Mac.


The system requirements for Mac apps are macOS 10.15 Catalina and above.

There are 4 types of Post-it widgets for iOS / iPadOS 14 in total, large/small for single/multiple notes, and you can tap the widget to open the app and edit the sticker content.


If you want to set multiple sticky notes on the home screen in a large space, you can stack multiple Post-it widgets, such as the smart stack widget function, and switch between them by swiping your finger across the screen, so sticky notes If you are looking for (Sticky’s). try it.

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Who is the developer of Sticky Widgets

Sticky Widgets was developed by Tyler Hillsman, an application director at the outdoor car rental service Outdoorsy, which allows you to place sticky notes on your iPhone or iPad using widgets supported by iOS 14 / iPad OS 14. I will.

To use Sticky Widgets, install the app, set your favorite size (small / medium / large) in the Sticky Widgets widget on the home screen, tap the widget and enter the note you want to insert on the home screen. only.

The Sticky Widgets app allows you to change the color and photons of the stickers (widgets) for the 250 yen in-app purchase, but the basic features are available for free, so if you’re curious, try it out.

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