Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate officially released Support PC / Xbox, Win10 v2004 preset

Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate officially released

Microsoft today announced the DirectX 12 Ultimate, a crystallization of Microsoft’s best graphics technology. DirectX12 Ultimate features all the next-generation graphics hardware including Direct X-ray tracing, variable-rate shading, mesh shader, and sample views. When you buy graphics hardware with the DX12 Ultimate logo or the Xbox Series X. You can be confident that it will support all next-generation graphics hardware.

“DX12 Ultimate bundles them all together, giving developers the most critical content to unlock the next generation of graphics technology on PCs and Xbox Series X.”

Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate officially released

Microsoft also released PIX graphics optimization tools and open-source HLSL compilations, enabling developers to fully integrate DX12 Ultimate Hardware performance. Despite adding several next-generation features. Microsoft also reported that next-generation games will continue to run on non-DX12 Ultimate hardware using DX12 Ultimate. With DirectX12 Ultimate, Microsoft has integrated the graphics platform on PC and Xbox Series X.

“It’s no longer cyclically isolated. Instead, they can now work together: when the Xbox Series X was released, there were already millions of DX12 Ultimate PC graphics cards with the same feature set in the world, which will quickly lead to new features, and the Xbox Series X will make waves among new console gamers. PCs will also benefit from a large number of new DX12 Ultimate new features hardware.

Windows 10 version 2004 (20H1) will provide full DirectX 12 Ultimate functionality. Until then, you can get the DirectX 12 Ultimate features in Windows internal version.

hardware accelaration

AMD said it will work with Microsoft to provide full support for the DirectX 12 Ultimate in the upcoming AMD RDNA 2 gaming architecture. This architecture supports the AMD Radeon graphics card and the next generation of the upcoming XboxSeries X game console.

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Nvidia says DirectX 12 Ultimate, the new next-generation gaming standard supported by GeForce RTX

DirectX Ultimate, the next-generation new gaming standard with the help of the GeForce RTX, provides developers with a large, multi-platform hardware installation base targeted and shelf tools and examples. It can be used with. It provides support for all time-saving middleware. This makes game development faster and easier and allows more developers to incorporate these advanced technologies into their games. Many developers have carefully designed next-generation experience with these technologies. Currently, more than 30 direct X-ray tracing games have been released. Now with the release of the DirectX12 Ultimate, the adoption rate will increase exponentially.

DX12 Ultimate Edition  Support PC / Xbox, Win10 v2004 preset

The GeForce RTX and AMD’s RDNA2 architecture will enable next-generation PC and console games.

As the most advanced DX12 API, it brings features such as ray tracing (DXR), variable rate shading (VRS), mesh/grid shader, and sample feedback.

Microsoft mentioned that the DXR 1.1 version has a lot of credibility for NVIDIA. As the latest foundational contribution to the pursuit of the game, it brings both performance and performance to a large number of chasing effects and makes it easy for developers.

Direct X 12 feature
Comparison of several levels of DX12. Earlier Intel promised that the Xe architecture alone will also fully support DX12, but this time it was not mentioned.

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