New iPad Air 4 Benchmarks Leaks shows Performance and multi-core workloads.

New iPad Air 4 Benchmarks Leaks shows single-core and multi-core results of A14 Bionic

It is not wrong to say that the first leak of the A14 bionic benchmark test disappointed us all, but this certainly does not mean that the iPad Air 4 will not be a disappointment in the performance department. These earlier scores may suggest that Apple intends to focus more on efficiency rather than the original performance of the A14 Bionic, but different benchmarks have different opinions. A completely different story. In fact, these numbers indicate that A14 Bionic will continue to maintain an unparalleled advantage in single-core and multi-core workloads.

The well-known leaker Lovetodream shared the single-core and multi-core results of A14 Bionic on Twitter. He revealed the functions that A14 Bionic running in iPad Air 4 can achieve in the form of screenshots. In short, the tablet has a single-core score of 1583 and a multi-core score of 4198. The fastest Android chipset in smartphones, the Snapdragon 865 Plus only scored 845 in a single-core score and 1307 in a multi-core score. Core test results obtained when running on Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The new iPad Air 4 uses Geekbench 5 for benchmarking; completely beats the game

These impressive results are that because they make a huge difference between the fastest Android chips on the planet. We can only expect positive results from the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup, and the iPhone 12 series is also expected Use the same A14 Bionic. Likewise, for those interested, it is obvious that the Exynos 2100′ found on the Galaxy S21 Plus cannot beat A14 Bionic. Because it can only ensure an average score of 1038 for the single-core category, and 3060 for the single-core category. Multi-core.

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Again, it is unlikely that the firmware of the flagship product has not yet been optimized. So when the first commercial products of Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series arrive, we will provide a fairer comparison. Not surprisingly, if you look at the specifications of the A14 Bionic. Apple will again stick to the 6-core configuration, where two cores will focus on performance and the remaining four will focus on efficiency. Nevertheless, it is strange that Apple did not provide a comparison between the new A14 Bionic and A13 Bionic in the iPad Air 4 demo.

Accordingly, the released SoC is 40% more powerful than A12 Bionic (silicon released in 2018). If you want to see the performance comparison of A13 Bionic and A12 Bionic. Please let us know in the comments and we will prepare these numbers for you. At the same time, are you impressed with the performance of the iPad Air 4?

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