Playstation 5 UI Start Up Leaked | Xbox Series X Boot Time fast

Playstation 5 UI Start Up Leaked | Xbox Series X Boot Time fast

On the front of the PlayStation 5 there is a USB-C port and a USB-A port, in addition to the Blu-ray drive in the standard version, of course. (Image: Sony)

A short video has surfaced with an alleged PlayStation 5 loading screen and a user interface (UI) that appears to be related to the developer’s kit, not the retail PS5 model. The video shows a black DualSense controller that is supposedly used to launch the console, and then the boot screen and UI eventually appear on the monitor.

A video depicting the loading screen and user interface of the PlayStation 5 was posted on Reddit, apparently for the price. The OP of the subreddit apparently paid € 100 just to access this video showing what PlayStation fans are willing to go for just for a snippet of new information. In exchange for their money, Redditor received a 24-second PS5 download video.

In the foreground, the user is holding a black DualSense controller. While some immediately concluded that Sony has a black PS5 waiting in the wings. It is more likely that this is just a prototype controller that was first unveiled a couple of months ago and may have been used by the developers alongside the PS5 dev kit. If all of this is true, then the video here just demonstrates downloading the PS5 dev kit and preparing the user interface.

The start screen that has been published in the past feels real, and the look at the user interface is incredibly short. However, what worries some commentators the most is the amount of time it takes for the device to boot. Whereas, if it’s not a fake, then this is likely a PS5 development kit. And the retail option is likely to be faster and better optimized. However, the 20 seconds or so cold reboot left some die-hard fans confused as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X was overclocked by about 10-12 seconds for the same procedure.

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Sony PlayStation 5 image “naked” reveals console in the background

PlayStation 5 makes its first appearance, and the white side panel image shows the “naked” console in the background. PlayStation 5 “naked” images have raised many questions about the cooling system of the console
Images recently shared on social media seem to reveal a “naked” PlayStation 5 console inside. Although most of the photos were taken on one of the white side panels of the next-generation game console.  It is believed that there is an undiscovered PS5 hidden in the background, and its exposed fan has caused much controversy.
An image of one of the white panels, or “wings”, of the PlayStation 5 has sparked heated discussion online because of what is hiding at the top of the picture in question. Although most of the photos (see below) were taken with a removable cover, there seems to be a “naked” PS5 at the top of the image. The shape of the hardware in question seems appropriate, and cooling holes can be seen on one edge. That can prove the possibility of undiscovered PS5.
PS5 image back

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