Apple iPhone 12: New pictures show the compact 5.4-inch model

Apple iPhone 12: expert gives new details on the OLED displays

At the start of the iPhone 12 series in the fall, Apple will offer a compact 5.4-inch model. Probably the cheapest version of the new flagship smartphone is now displayed on its notch display and dual-camera system on fresh rendering images.

If you rely on expert opinions over the past few weeks, Apple may present itself in September with four new iOS smartphones from the expected iPhone 12 family. For the first time, “unprofessional models” should be divided into the regular and so-called maximum version. The 5.4-inch OLED display is one of the more compact of the two options. While the iPhone 12 Max is said to be based on the 6.1-inch screen size familiar with the current iPhone 11. The new rendering images are supposed to show the entry-level model of the Apple iPhone 12 series.

Apple iPhone 12: New pictures show the compact 5.4-inch model

Apple iPhone 12: New pictures show the compact 5.4-inch model

Edgy design, dual cameras, and notch display

On the advice of possible insiders, Dutch colleagues from LetsGoDigital created the corresponding image material. Which gives a more detailed overview of the 5.4-inch smartphone. There is speculation about a case made of aluminum and glass in the relative angular form of the current Apple iPad Pro. Technically, the iPhone 12 should rely on an Apple A14 chip, four gigabytes of RAM. And up to 256 GB of flash memory. Similarly, the 5G module and dual-camera system seen in photographs should also be part of the party. The cheapest model can start at $ 649.


In contrast, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro (Max) should grow to 6.7 inches this year and rely on the Super Retina XDR OLED display with a high refresh rate of 120 Hz (ProMotion). According to initial rumors, there would be up to 6 GB of RAM and 512 GB of memory. It is said that the case is made of stainless steel and a glass rear panel. And the rear three-chamber system can inherit the LiDAR sensor, known in the iPad Pro. According to leaks such as YouTubers, John Prosser, the professional version of the new iPhone should cost $ 999. As usual, Apple leaves rumors of this kind without comment and, therefore, without confirmation.

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Apple iPhone 12 upcoming features

I think you should have noticed that the recently released consumer electronics products seem to have such a feature as the Meizu 17 Pro rear camera module with a 3D depth sensor. Which is actually TOF technology.

With the introduction of structured light technology, TOF (flight time) technology has also begun to enter the consumer’s field of vision. Thanks to similar technical principles and structured light technology, it has attracted the attention of many consumers.

Where is TOF technology sacred?

With the release of Apple’s iPhone X in 2017, Face ID (branch-level) facial recognition gradually came to consumers’ eyes, and with the release of the 2020 iPad Pro. Apple included front and rear dual TOF lenses in the small body.

Of course, a single flower is not spring, a hundred flowers blooming in the spring.

As a new thing in the industry, of course, Apple should not be allowed to monopolize the play code. And then the Android camp has also joined the popularity of TOF lenses.

From the beginning, the rear camera assisted in taking pictures and scanning modeling. To the front camera’s payment-level face unlocking and modeling. The Android camp has also made important contributions to the popularity of TOF lenses.


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