Finally, Samsung Galaxy Note10 received a stable version of Android 10

Finally, Samsung Galaxy Note10 received a stable version of Android 10

But so far only the beta test participants have been lucky

Just yesterday, we surprised to find that the budget smartphones Samsung Galaxy M20 and M30 already received a stable version of Android 10 than Galaxy Note 10, as today Samsung has released an update for this device.

Yet, as in the case of the Galaxy S10, the first to launch the update was first, the users of Germany. And second, the people who participated in the beta testing of the Android 10, from the update. Already consider the Galaxy S10 experience. What started for everyone remains about a week, although this is not the truth?


The update weighs in at only 144.2 MB, which indicates a near-final state of the latest beta version. In addition, the update also includes a December security patch.

Surprisingly, the new MediaTek platform is the best in its class. It bypasses both the Snapdragon 765G and the Kirin 810.

Next year, a real battle for new single-chip systems for mid-budget smartphones awaits us in the market. Snapdragon 765G, Aquinos 980, and Media Tech Dimension 1000L will fight for space in the sun.

The source decided to compare the first two and added no new ones to his company, but more than the existing Kirin 810. The results in Anto can be seen in the diagram below.


As you can see, in general, they are at the same level as the platform. The Aquinos 980 has a more powerful CPU, while the Kirin 810 and Snapdragon 765G go head-to-head. But when it comes to GPU performance, Qualcomm’s new product comes out ahead, the Aquinos 980 at number two, and the Kearns 810 closing the top three.

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We can include the MediaTek Dimensity 1000L in self-comparison since yesterday we have been aware of its performance. Its CPU scores 143,000 points in Tattoo, ahead of all participants, and the GPU scores 107,000 points, which is higher than all other people. Thus, we can say that Dimensity 1000L is the most productive of the four, which is quite fun.

However, these are all standards. As you know, when it comes to real things, a lot depends on software optimization, shell, type of memory used, and other details. In any case, the smartphone should not disappointed with its performance with any of these platforms.

The collapse of Xperia. Sony is even behind Samsung Galaxy Fold in total smartphone sales

Compared to the Sony, Samsung Galaxy Fold looks more impressive.

As already reported in our tape, Samsung Galaxy Fold has already set a sales record, South Korean company Samsung has proudly announced that it has already added more than one million smartphones to Samsung Galaxy Fold. Have sold.

For a smartphone, which costs about $ 2,000, that’s a pretty good result, given that we’re talking about selling for a limited period of time. The first smartphones appeared in stores in late September, but most people can only buy them in October – November this year.


On the other hand, the source cited all sales data for Sony smartphones in the last two circles. Keep in mind that the company has introduced Sony Xperia 1 and Xperia 5, as well as mid-range smartphones Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus.

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In the second quarter of this year, Sony sold a total of 900,000 smartphones. In the third quarter, sales dropped to 600,000 units. Thus, we can say that in three months Samsung has sold more Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphones than all of their smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy M20, Galaxy M30 Android 10 update arrives ahead of schedule

According to media reports, the Samsung Galaxy M20 and M30 have begun receiving robust Android 10 updates in India using One UI 2.0 skins. Samsung has recently introduced an Android 10 update to the Galaxy S10 in the country. Unlike the premium S10, the Galaxy M20 and M30 both focus on budget-conscious markets.

Samsung launched both smartphones in early 2019 to compete with rival devices of brands like Xiaomi, Realme and Asus. Both the M20 and M30 can run on One UI based on Android 8.1 Oreo. These phones came in June with the One UI update based on Android 9.0, and now they have the latest Android 10 look.

According to a report from Samsung, Samsung has launched a stable Android 10 10 OTA and security patches for December 2019. Samsung One also offers the UI 2.0 format, previously only available on flagship devices.

Highlights of the One UI 2.0 include Dark Mode and full-screen gestures throughout the system. UI 2.0 also updates pre-loaded applications such as Samsung Internet, Calculator, Samsung Notes and Health. However, users will need to start the installation manually after receiving the update to Android 10.


Samsung is only getting updates in India at the moment. The company may soon announce OTA updates globally. The latest software version of the Galaxy M20 is M205FDDU3CSL4, while the Galaxy M30 is now running the software version M305FDDU3CSL4.

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Indian users who have not yet been updated can also choose to search manually through Settings> Software Updates> Download and Install.

South Korean tech giant Jan One launches One UI 2.0 beta program in October 2019, especially for Galaxy S10 users. The flagship store received a strong OTA update last week.

According to Samsung’s roadmap, both the Galaxy M20 and M30 will get Android 10 OTA stable updates in January 2020. According to updated reports, the Galaxy A30 could be the next Android 10 OTA product. Stay tuned for more!

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