Are there new Coronavirus pneumonia cases? Pneumonia experts explain the doubts

New coronavirus reported 3.44 million people diagnosed with 243015 deaths

Many people are more concerned about Coronavirus infection.

The National Health and Health Commission held a press conference on January 31 afternoon to introduce health protection for the key population. And community organizations in the prevention and control of the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Pneumonia experts say there is no infection after treatment for a new type of pneumonia patients. And most acute patients may experience pulmonary fibrosis for a long time.

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According to Zhan Qingyuan. A pneumonia expert team leader and director of SANS Division 4 of China-Japan Friendship Hospital. Some antibodies willbe produced after the virus infection to protect the human body. According to the general principle of virus infection.

However, some antibodies may not be able to last longer and are at risk of infection again. So patients who recover should strengthen their protection.

Coronavirus: According to the Zhan Qingyuan

Zhan Qingyuan said that for the new type of coronavirus infection. We found clinically that it mainly involves the lungs, and there should be no sequelae for mild patients. However, for severe patients, some lung damage maybe left over a period of time, such as pulmonary fibrosis.

From clinical experience, the lung’s repairing ability is very strong. And most of the pulmonary fibrosis canbe repaired. However, for very heavy, very few patients, a little pulmonary fibrosis maybe left for a relatively long period of time. And subsequent follow-up should bee strengthened.

Are there new Coronavirous pneumonia cases? Pneumonia experts explain the doubts

Zhan Qingyuan reminded that patients who have been-cured should still pay attention to protection and prevent colds. In addition to strengthening rehabilitation. You can do some proper activities at home in an early stage. And you can increase the amount of activity with physical recovery.

At the same time, we must also pay attention to psychological counselling and rehabilitation. Some patients may develop depression after this disease. If necessary, it’s recommended to go to a psychological clinic.

Zhan Qingyuan also suggested that all patients visit the clinic regularly for a follow-up review. Including lung function and CT, to facilitate long-term management.

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