Facebook has also become too much blocks Trump’s advertising

Facebook has also become too much blocks Trump's advertising

Now Facebook has also become too much: social network operators have removed the advertising campaign team around the current US President Donald Trump. Because they instrumentalized the victims of National Socialism in Germany.

In recent days, paid accounts have appeared on various Trump-related accounts that have advocated supporting the efforts of the US president to classify the anti-fascist movement as a terrorist organization. To draw attention to the contributions, they were not presented in plain text but were illustrated with an image that depicted a large red triangle, according to a report by the American magazine The Hill.

The symbol was used in concentration camps during the Nazi regime in Germany. The red triangle on the prisoner’s clothes was used to identify political opponents in custody, mainly communists and social democrats. The fact that the Trump administration is now using this as an illustration of its propaganda against anti-fascists can, at best, be described as tasteless.

Reaction: Facebook in a statement

“We removed these posts and advertisements due to violations of our policies,” the Facebook statement said. Among other things, they prohibit the use of symbols that were used by groups such as National Socialists to identify political prisoners. At least when the symbols are used outside their historical context.

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Paid publication only on Trump’s Facebook page was delivered to users of the platform 950,000 times until it was deleted. Added to this is distributed through many other sites, such as his campaign site or vice president Mike Pence. Various victim associations clearly criticized the use of the red triangle. And it took some public unrest before Facebook became active.

US President Infringes:

The time Twitter was the favorite medium of the current US President Donald Trump is almost certainly coming to an end. The confrontation escalates, and Twitter now also blocked the campaign’s team video.

The video essentially consisted of a selection of numerous photographs and video clips depicting the recollection of George Floyd. Floyd was killed during a police operation, and the protest movement caused by it. The paintings are backed up by Trump’s speech, in which he expresses his affection for relatives, as well as for demonstrators. And at the same time addresses political opponents with outbreaks of violence during the protests.

Although the video can still be seen on Trump’s YouTube channel. It can no longer be accessed on Twitter. An interested user is informed that the clip has been blocked due to a copyright complaint. Apparently, the presidential staff did not receive permission to use the various pieces of content that they used for editing.

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