Coronavirus Protection: Finally know why you can’t buy Honeywell KN95 masks!

N95 masks can also be reused for: Collaborative studies of several well-known universities to evaluate the N95 mask reuse plan

On January 31, Honeywell announced a donation of 1 million US dollars to support Wuhan. Today, Honeywell officially stated that as part of the donated materials, today it is urgent to load all 500,000 KN95 masks in inventory to the new pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Wuhan Donghu New Technology Development Zone and put them through Wuhan. The local people in need.

Honeywell JD flagship store announcement said that the current production capacity has been used to cooperate with the government to protect the supply of personal protective equipment. In response to the needs of individual users, currently, only a small number of children’s cute pet masks are on sale.

Yesterday, Honeywell announced the donation of US $ 1 million worth of materials to fully support Wuhan Hospital against the new coronavirus.

The donated materials include air purification and water purification products, ICU air management system; scanning and printing equipment for hospital management, and Honeywell children’s cute pet masks donated to Wuhan school.

Coronavirous Mask

It is reported that before the Spring Festival and during the Spring Festival, Honeywell went all out to supply a total of more than 20 million masks to the market, and actively cooperated with the government’s full production capacity to protect the supply of protective equipment for frontline workers in areas with severe epidemics.

Coronavirous: On January 29, Honeywell issued a statement:

On January 29, Honeywell issued a statement: During the epidemic of the new coronavirus, our KN95 masks will never increase in price. At the same time, we also resolutely put an end to dealers’ unauthorized price increases. Once found, we will immediately punish them severely.

At present, the normal market price of Honeywell’s ordinary adult white KN95 with valve mask is 4 ~ 6 yuan/piece, and the normal price of children’s H950 series KN95 with valve mask is 10 ~ 15 yuan/piece.

Honeywell said that by actively cooperating with major e-commerce platforms to limit purchases, it resolutely resists bad behaviour such as buying and selling and protects the interests of consumers to the greatest extent.

coronavirous Mask

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