Intel Welcome: What surprises this year from the top two Processor Manufacturer

Intel Welcome: What surprises this year from the top two Processor Manufacturer

New graphics card welcomes Intel: It’s a matter of five today. I don’t know if my friends are eating dumplings. It is said that friends who have been desperate to upgrade their graphics card recently have to take it easy.


Because 2020 can be called a big year for graphics cards. Whether it’s a big-core new graphics card that can be released behind AMD. Or the NVIDIA Ampere-based GeForce graphics card that is sure to be complete.

Intel’s government entry has also transformed the graphics card market from two supremacy situations to three. So today I’m going to talk about the wonder of the graphics card market in 2020


Intel is the world’s largest graphics card maker, but Intel has always had a nuclear display.

Of course, Intel also introduced freelance graphics cards, but eventually, it died for a variety of reasons.

At the recently concluded CES 2020, Intel finally announced the first Intel DG1 graphics card.


However, Intel did not explain the features of this graphics card. It just claims that the performance of this diet-based graphics card is more than double that of the current Plus-Gen 11 set used in Ayers Lakes.

And we also know that it only needs a PCI-E interface to provide power. This is an entry-level graphics card. And players who want high-performance graphics cards from the Blue Factory may have more numbers.

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AMD Comparison with Intel

AMD introduced the first Redon 7 graphics card with 7nm process technology last year. But this graphics card was not successful due to its old architecture and high-cost HBM 2 memory.

However, performance improvements have been made through the 7nm process. With the launch of the new 7nm process rDNA architecture. The players are finally looking at the AMD graphics card.

The first release of the RX 5700 series has greatly increased the energy consumption ratio. And later the RX 5500 series has more options for mobile and thousands of entry-level graphics cards.

AMD Ryzen 7 4800U

This year, new models have been found on the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) website. With the exception of the newly released RX 5600 XT, which has four code names

  1. Raden RX5800XT
  2. Radon RX 5900
  3. Radion R X 5950
  4. Radion RX 5950 XT General Chat Chat Lounge


Although it cannot be guaranteed that this is the “Big Navy” that contained earlier rumours. At least it also proves that it is a high-end and even flagship Radon graphics card that we will use next. See you in the year

The PS 5 and the new XBOX AMD graphics card, together with a hardware light tracking unit, will likely feature these revealed models with the legendary code-named “Nvidia KILLER” product, aimed directly at high-end Finally and the flagship Nvidia is a graphics product.

It is reported that the high-level specifications of the Radeon RX 5950XT will be double that of the RX 5700 XT, which means we can finally see AMD’s flagship graphics card this year!

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As a dominant player in the graphics card market, NVIDIA has been very comfortable over the years, and its deep foundation in graphics card architecture has left its competitors unmatched.

With the launch of AMD’s RDNA-based RX 5000 series graphics cards, NVIDIA has slowly felt the pressure. The RTX Super Series is the best proof, but the entire graphics card market is still firmly in the hands of NVIDIA.

In the current market, the RTX 2080 TI, RTX 2080 SUPER and even RTX 2080 are undeniably positioned.


Compared to tough rivals, NVIDIA’s performance is also a bit friendlier, which also means that this generation of RTX series graphics cards has entered the end of the life cycle, with new graphics cards coming out!

Recently, it has been reported that the Nvidia 7nm process’s Empire architecture will be officially unveiled at the GTC 2020 at the end of March, and the G Force series of graphics cards will be officially launched in Taipei in June. Will be released at the computer show.

There are even reports that the graphics card of the 7nm process AMPERE architecture will increase performance by more than 50% compared to the current model. If the news is true, then the performance of the next-generation Jefferson graphics card is terrific!

Final Thoughts

The above is my personal opinion of the graphics card industry in 2020. If there are friends who want to replace high-end or even flagship graphics cards in the near future, it’s best to wait.

However, AMD or NVIDIA will certainly bring you high-end, flagship graphics products this year, and its price is not expected to be higher than the current high-end non-public version of the RTX 2080 TI.

For players with entry-level graphics cards and sweet-level graphics cards, this may be the maximum, eventually, if a new graphics card is released, traders will certainly clear their positions.

Isn’t it better to start the current mid-range or even mid-to-high-end graphics card at a lower price?

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