Coronavirus will not prevent Xiaomi from announcing Xiaomi Mi 10 and other new products at MWC 2020

Coronavirus will not prevent Xiaomi from announcing Xiaomi Mi 10 and other new products at MWC 2020

China is closely watching the pneumonia outbreak of new coronavirus infection. At the same time, news of every kind is spreading. Difficult to distinguish true and false.

Only 100% healthy Xiaomi employees will represent Xiaomi Mi 10 in Barcelona

Over the past few days, information has increased that many companies refuse to visit the Mobile World Congress’s 2020 largest mobile exhibition.

Xiaomi said that the health and safety of every person is a top priority in Xiaomi. But manufacturer Mobile World Congress goes to Barcelona 2020, where according to plan. The introduction of the latest smartphones, including Xiaomi Mi 10. Is, as well. A number of smart devices will be held.

Xiaomi MI 10 Inner photos

However, only employees who are 100% healthy and can in no way be carriers of the coronavirus will travel from Xiaomi to Barcelona.

Xiaomi Mi 10 inner photo (1)

Xiaomi implements all effective recommended measures to protect the health. And well-being of its employees, fans, friends from the media, partners and users. Thus, we introduced additional instructions regarding the launch of our global product on February 23. We will make sure that all employees who come from China do not have any symptoms. And are outside of China for at least 14 calendar days before their arrival in Barcelona.

We will follow the instructions of GSMA and regularly disinfect the exhibition stand. And all the products presented. We will make sure that all staff presenting at the stand are from our local offices throughout Europe. We will also check that they do not have symptoms within 14 calendar days before the start of the exhibition.

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