iPhone Official explanation is surprising – Battery life is short

This may be the case for people who use iPhones. Which are supposed to clear background applications for a period after using the iPhone. The first is to ensure the smooth operation of the system and prevent hesitation. But to save power and to run in the background. Many programs will increase the phone’s power consumption.

Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Apple Software, responded.

The senior vice president of Apple Software’s, Craig Federighi, says if the background is hit too often, reopening the application will take a fresh start. In addition to prolonging the start time, it will also take up additional memory and increase battery consumption. This answer is in stark contrast to our usual impression.

Swiping off background programs cause a bad impact on battery life: Apple recommends not swiping

According to the source of foreign media. Apple Corporation has said that eliminating applications on the iPhone could shorten the battery life of the iPhone and slow down the device.

Some users believe that applications in the background also use CPUs and power. The users also believe that the background application causes bad impact on battery accuracy. And using lesser applications means longer battery life. Therefore, users often swipe to close applications that save on electricity. Not used, but this idea has been proven wrong.

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According to Apple, changing and discontinuing the iPhone app may take longer to reload the app. Unused applications in the background are frozen in standby mode. And will not consume additional resources on the device. Apple advises that you refrain from moving out unless the application is unresponsive.

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If users are worried about the background applications that are running in the background of the iPhone. You can see the background running permission of these applications in “iPhone Settings”.

It is noteworthy that, earlier, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, also responded to user emails saying that the power outage didn’t play a role in the application’s exit.

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