U.S. tests new Coronavirus vaccine: Developed by Moderna

Does new coronavirus pneumonia have sequelae? Zhong Nanshan: Not big

The U.S. tests new Coronavirus vaccine: starts recruiting 45 volunteers for clinical trials. The vaccine is named mRNA-1273 and is a nucleic acid vaccine, Developed by the biotechnology company Moderna

Since the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, many people have wondered how long this virus can survive after leaving the human body. Detecting this problem is also an important factor in preventing its spread.

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that a new Listeria was spreading across the United States. Of these 36 cases, 30 require hospitalization, 6 involve pregnant women. And two have led to abortions.

Recently, according to foreign media reports, US officials have said they will begin testing a brand new Coronavirus vaccine on Monday.

The vaccine was developed by the biotechnology company Moderna and was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The vaccine is named mRNA-1273 and is a nucleic acid vaccine.

The nucleic acid vaccine, also known as a genetic vaccine. The Vaccine refers to the plasmid vector sequence that contains the intracellular protein gene sequence, which contains intramuscular injection or micro-projectile bombardment, and the expression of the antigenic protein by host cells. Host cells are stimulated to produce immune responses to the antigenic protein for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Currently, NIH will recruit 45 volunteers to conduct clinical trials at a research institute in Seattle. However, the purpose of the test is to test the safety of the vaccine (even if it has side effects). At this point, the Experiment will not be affected by the virus.

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There are currently dozens of research groups in the world developing vaccines simultaneously. These groups use different technologies to produce different types of vaccines. Some researchers are also developing temporary vaccines that can protect health in 1-2 months.

However, it should be noted that even with the fastest research speed. It takes 1 to 1.5 years to successfully develop this vaccine, so everyone should wait patiently.

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