Up to 3 days! How long can the new Coronavirus live?

Up to 3 days! How long can the new Coronavirus live?

Since the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, many people have wondered how long this virus can survive after leaving the human body. Detecting this problem is also an important factor in preventing its spread.

Recently, the Medical Preparatory Platform medRxiv reported the existence of different levels of aerosol and surface stability SARS-CoV-1 “SARS-CoV-1” compared to the SRS-CoV-2 National Coronavirus. I published a research report. The same authors are from the Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Institute of Health, Princeton University, California, Los Angeles, etc. Princeton University Dylan H. Morris, Department of Environment and Evolutionary Biology.

According to this study, the new coronavirus can survive in the aerosol for up to 3 hours (median 2.7 hours), copper levels up to 4 hours and paper surfaces for up to 24 hours (median 8.45). Times), while on acrylic plastic and stainless steel surfaces, it can last up to 2-3 days (median values ​​are 16/13 hours, respectively).

In other words, there is a risk of cross-infection due to metal corons and other metal objects such as lift buttons and door handles that have been left behind for a long time.

On February 3, Guangzhou(China) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found a new type of coronavirus nucleic acid on the door handle of a new type of coronavirus pneumonia. This is the first time in Guangzhou.

Researchers pointed out that the new Coronavirus and SARS coronavirus has the same survival time in the environment. But have a longer activity at the aerosols and object levels, which may be related to nosocomial infections and super transmission events. Cleaning and disinfection are very important.

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The so-called aerosol refers to suspended particles in the gas, such as small droplets, while aerosol transmission refers to droplets in the air that form an aerosol, which causes respiratory infections.

At a news conference on the outbreak and control of the outbreak organized by the Shanghai Municipal Government February 8, health and epidemic prevention experts emphasized that on the path to identifying new coronaviruses, please In addition to direct contact and contact transfer, aerosol transmission is also included.

For the New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Fifth Edition) issued by the National Health Commission of China, a new route for the transmission of new coronavirus has been added: “aerosol and digestive tract transmission channels are yet to be defined.

However, this study also emphasizes that compared to SARS viruses, the new coronavirus does not have much higher environmental stability. Therefore, the strong transmission capacity of the new crown virus that has been observed so far is unlikely to be generated by its environmental performance. There are many other basic factors that can be explained.

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