WHO official website falsely reports failure of redoxivir clinical trial in Taiwan

WHO official website falsely reports failure of redoxivir clinical trial in Taiwan

WHO official website falsely reports failure of redoxivir clinical trial in Taiwan. The Financial Times of Great Britain and the American medical news website STAT reported on the 23rd that the official website of the World Health Organization unexpectedly published an early clinical report on redoxivir in China.

Reduce the new coronavirus pneumonia virus in the blood of patients. The study involved 237 patients, 158 of whom were taking medication, and another 79 were used as a control group, 13.9% of patients died, and 12.8% of the control group receiving general treatment died. The drug was not associated with an improvement or worsening of the patient’s condition.

Taiwan ’s Minister of Health Chen Shizhong said that most clinical trials are “multinational and multicenter,” and that countries participating in clinical trials are required to maintain confidentiality before pharmaceutical companies disclose the results. If part of the data is disclosed separately, performance evaluation There is a small “blind touching the elephant”.

He said he did not know what it means for the World Health Organization to disclose the data at this point in time. As far as he knows, in clinical trials, unless the drug causes significant harm, it will be revealed in real-time, and the rest will not be disclosed in clinical trials. In the process, it was announced by itself.

It is understood that after the World Health Organization released the aforementioned report on the official website, it was immediately deleted from the official website. The WHO stated that the author provided the first draft of the document to the WHO, which was accidentally published on the official website and deleted it as soon as it was found. This report is currently undergoing peer review and the WHO is waiting for the final version.

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The US pharmaceutical company Gilea, which developed the new drug, issued a statement on the 23rd that the report has an incorrect interpretation. It was terminated early due to the insufficient number of patients participating in the study, and no statistically significant results could be obtained. It has reference value, and the research results are inconclusive.

Zhang Shangchun , the convener of the expert advisory group of the Taiwan Epidemic Command Center, said that there are currently large-scale clinical trials of redoxivir , including people with different levels of infection, and Taiwan is also very much looking forward to the results. He said that Taiwan also participates in clinical trials, but the number of cases in Taiwan is not large, and it is difficult to draw any conclusions with a few cases.

In addition, 30 cases of navy officers and soldiers were diagnosed in Taiwan ’s Panshi ship group. The health unit has obtained a total of 1,843 contacts, of which 530 are isolated at home and 1,313 are under independent health management. Taiwan ’s official stated that if there were no large-scale infections by April 30, Taiwan would have passed this level.

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