Microsoft confirmed! Windows 10 will rescue the mechanical hard drive

Microsoft confirmed Windows 10 20H2 is ready for commercial testing

April 29, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft has confirmed that it will make adjustments to the upcoming Windows update on May 10. Microsoft confirmed he mainly to better optimize the mechanical hard drive to solve the problems of the aggressive indexing process. Microsoft also solves the problem that leading to high disk usage

Microsoft provided a more detailed explanation:

Windows Search can now better determine peak load times and manage indexers accordingly. According to our many tests on real hardware and virtual machines with different configurations, the results of our tests show that this is true. If your computer is equipped with a mechanical hard drive, Then the Windows update on May 10, 2020, actually feels faster.

There is more memory on the hard drive than on solid-state drives, reading and writing are slower. In this way, if you run a process with heavy disk usage, then your computer may slow down. The Windows search process is a disk-intensive process, and the indexing cycle can increase the load on the system hard drive. As the Windows search process reduces disk usage, the May 2020 update will be faster on hardware.

As for the SSD, you are unlikely to notice any obvious improvements, because everything you upload to it can already perform operations faster. The advantage of an SSD is that its latency is significantly reduced compared to an HDD. However, in some cases, even when using an SSD, indexing work will affect the performance of your computer and consume CPU and disk resources.

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When you transfer files, delete files, and your SSD or hard drive is actively used, Windows 10 2004 will also limit or completely stop any indexing actions. The ability of Windows Search to regulate indexing actions will help prevent such slowdowns on solid-state and hard drives.

Microsoft is also improving its logical work with Windows Search so that it can intelligently determine when to index your files and improve overall system performance.

In general, when you are actively using the device, Windows 10 will not do any indexing work.

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