Official version of WeChat 7.0.14 for Android is released

Official version of WeChat 7.0.14 for Android is released

On April 30, after iOS, the official version of WeChat 7.0.14 for Android was released today. The Android users can finally set up a group chat notes that are visible only to themselves.

It’s clear that the Android version of “add notes in a group chat” is the same as the version for iOS, click “…” in the upper right corner of the group, and then click on the page to see the recently added “Notes” function.

After the change, the group chat comment name will replace the original group chat name in the message list. In the group chat interface, the original group chat name will be displayed in a smaller word under the note name.

In addition, in the new version, the function of cleaning the space was updated, the payment subpage and applet page were also reviewed. The icon in the lower-left corner of the scanned page also changed, but the actual function was not changed.

This update:

-You can set a comment for the group chat, which can only be seen by yourself.

Recently updated:

-You can switch to dark mode following the system settings.

-Optimized the voice message sending experience, and it is more convenient to slide up text.

Many practical new features! WeChat 7.0.14 Android version here

A few days ago, I heard that friends from iOS received a beta version of the new version of WeChat. The editor was jealous. Finally … After a long “wait” came the version for Android. Despite the name “Inner Beta”, friends who are familiar with WeChat know that as long as there are no big mistakes these days. This thing will be basically the same as the official version. Well, without much gossip, let’s look at the changes in the new version!

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WeChat 7.0.14 Android version here

NO:1. Group name remarks

This should be one of the hottest improvements in recent years. After all, iOS has already completely cooled. The use of the function is the same as in the version for iOS. The directly click “…” in the upper right corner of the group. And then expand the page to see the recently added “Notes” function.

The benefits are obvious. The next time you pass something on to the group, at least you don’t have to worry about the error.

NO:2. Space cleanup and upgrade

This is also a priority experience for friends of iOS.  Now it is finally decentralized for our large Android (why is it a little cheaper?). The input has not changed, you can see it by clicking “I-Settings-General-WeChat Storage Space”. However, the cleanup page has changed significantly and a new cache element has been added. In addition, clearing of the “chat history” was also posted here (previously a subfunction in “WeChat used the space”).

In addition, the pie chart has also been replaced by a histogram. It is estimated that this place!

NO:3. Payment subpage revision

The payment subpage has changed. Finally, it has become relevant. However, there are not many people who seem to pay attention to this thing. So I won’t talk about it in detail here, I just know that.

NO:4. Everyone is using

The applet page has also been revised to include the “Recommended Usage”, “Shared Service”, and “Dynamic” elements. In addition, in the middle, there is an additional “everyone uses”, which is a bit like an “observing” replica of an applet. The whole page smells like small programs, with the words “purchases”, “entertainment” and “games”. While other categories are displayed in “everyone”. In short, adding the name “friends to use” can be seen as the popularity of social software.

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NO:5. Sweep icon

The page scan has also changed; the icon in the lower-left corner has changed. However, this is simply a change in appearance, and the actual function has not been adjusted.

Write at the end

The above is basically the main change in the version of WeChat 7.0.14 for Android. After the iOS version had a lot of traffic, it seems that there is nothing exciting about it. Fortunately, during the two days of the trial, I did not find anything too obvious. It is estimated that a little time will pass before I can meet with you.

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