Hinge secrets revealed in Galaxy Z Flip smartphone

Hinge secrets revealed in Galaxy Z Flip smartphone

The company’s website posted a two-part material that clarified the most interesting design feature of the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone-the folding mechanism, which is a key element of the new form factor. Not only does it allow the screen to tear and close, but it can also be fixed at different angles.

The designer’s task is to create a compact and reliable hinge and protect the thinnest gap between the hinge and the screen from small particles.

The first three illustrations show the hinge device. The mechanism consists of two tapered cams with flat tops at both ends of the hinge and spring. The spring presses on the cam to reliably fix the device when folded. After opening the device, the upper cam starts to slide. At 90 °, the cam is in contact with the flat part of the surface, and when fully open (180 °), the upper cam is on the other side of the slope. In this case, the spring will generate tension and fix the hinge in this position.

galaxy Z img

galaxy Z img

galaxy Z img

In order to prevent the penetration of dust and other particles, it is provided by brushes made of nylon fiber. When folded and unfolded, these brushes will “wipe” the surface outside the hinge. This solution allows us to ensure the durability of the structure and does not depend on small changes in the gap size during folding. By the way, in terms of durability, the hinge has been tested for 200,000 operations. The figure below shows this part of the structure.

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What does the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip case look like? Onlookers

Many people wear mobile phone protective cases.

Compared to traditional mobile phones, the folding screen display has a completely different design language, and its helpful protective case is naturally very different from the traditional protective case.

On February 19, a Twitter blogger @SoldierKnowsBest exposed the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in a security case.

As shown, the Galaxy Z Flip protective case is divided into two parts. Which cover the upper and lower parts of the Galaxy Z Flip, respectively. Among them, the upper protective shell also has spaces for leaving the rear camera, secondary screen and flash space.

Galaxy Z flip

Unlike Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip is designed to be folded up and down. When the screen is off, it has a square shape, similar to the Motorola Roger.

The advantage is that the body is more compact and smaller, and easier to carry.

In the basic configuration, it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 flagship platform, equipped with 8GB memory + 256GB storage, front 10 million pixels, rear 12 million wide-angle + 12 million ultra-wide-angle camera, battery capacity is 3300mAh ۔

In addition, the Galaxy Z Flip uses a suspension folding hinge design, which can be opened and closed at any angle. It can be used for video calls or selfies directly on the table with no tripod.

As you can see, the Galaxy Z flip screen is very different from the Galaxy Fold display. If we talk about the technical side. The first one should be significantly more rigorous and reliable. But what is really so, only time and numerous reviews will be shown.

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