iPhone 13 will last longer with LTPO screen

iPhone 13 will last longer with LTPO screen

According to the latest reports from several well-known informants, next year iPhone smartphones will receive a new generation of OLED screens using LTPO technology. Which is responsible for turning on and off individual pixels on the display, thereby making the device more energy efficient.

The editor of the famous XDA developer resource Max Weinbach on his social network Twitter and Jon Prosser pages, they once proved themselves excellent in the leaks related to Apple devices. He claiming that they have been released on the iPhone 12 smartphone this product. This year, ProMotion technology and a 120 Hz image refresh rate will be used. Which will make page scrolling as smooth as possible.

Ross Young, founder of research companies Display Supply Chain Consultants and DisplaySearch, also talks about the upcoming use of LTPO technology in iPhone smartphones, which will increase the battery life of the smartphone without recharging.

The main supplier of screens for the iPhone has long been Samsung, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of OLED displays and is constantly introducing new technologies. This week, Samsung Display announced a new OLED display specifically designed for 5G-enabled phones.

iPhone 13 to use: a new generation of OLED is being developed to save more power!

The new generation of OLED screens is advancing, but from the current situation, Apple will be the first to enjoy the new technology.

According to the latest foreign media reports, the supply chain is already developing OLED screens using LTPO backplane technology for high-end iPhone models next year. LTPO technology will bring a more power-saving backplane, which is responsible for turning on and off individual pixels on the display.

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If the message is true, then this may bring longer battery life and/or new features (such as ProMotion or Always Display Technology) to the next iPhone. The leaker’s Max Weinbach and Jon Prosser claimed that ProMotion may appear on some 2020 iPhones.

Display panel industry analyst Ross Young believes that if Apple plans to provide ProMotion on the iPhone, then LTPO technology is essential because when the device is inactive, LTPO will allow its refresh rate as low as 1Hz to optimize battery life.

Apple has always been extremely demanding on the screen quality of the iPhone, and as its largest supplier of OLED screens, Samsung has been advancing in the new technology of OLED screens. It is Apple’s request that it continue to work hard for the iPhone’s long battery life (of course this is a multi-faceted constraint).

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