Leakes: Future Apple Macbook could be significantly cheaper

Leakes: Future Apple notebooks could be significantly cheaper

It’s no secret that Intel processors are expensive – even the Core i5-1038NG7 that powers the 13-inch MacBook Pro costs $ 320. According to the leader, Apple will pass on a significant portion of the savings to its customers without using these processors.

A few weeks ago, an analyst stated that Apple’s first ARM chip intended for use in the Mac should cost less than $ 100. Which is much less than the cheaper Intel Core i3 processors. Development costs should also be negligible for Apple’s numbers, especially since the chips could likely be developed alongside SoCs for the iPhone and iPad.

However, it is still unclear whether Apple will pass these savings on to its customers or whether the group will simply increase its profits. According to a post from Leaker Komiya below, the former should be the case because the first ARM MacBook should cost just $ 799. While the cheapest ARM-based MacBook Pro should “only” pay $ 1099 – a significant saving compared to with the cheapest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Which currently costs $ 999 and $ 1299 respectively.

If this prediction is correct, the laptops could cost around € 950 for the MacBook (Air) or € 1200 for the MacBook Pro – notable savings of over € 200 each. It will also be interesting to see if Apple continues to charge surcharges for CPU and GPU upgrades. Or, like the iPhone SE (from € 479 at Amazon), the cheapest model in the lineup already has the fastest chip.

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First tests of the development kit

The first tests of the development kit based on the Apple A12Z Bionic are definitely already promising – even with the emulated version of Geekbench. The performance of the current MacBook Air can be achieved, and the original test result is again significantly better. Apple announced that all Macs will use an ARM chip in two years’ time, and the first device with such an SoC is due to arrive later this year.

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