Apparently, not only customers are confused by the Xbox names, but also Microsoft itself.

Apparently, not only customers are confused by the Xbox names, but also Microsoft itself.

Microsoft has had troubles in the past when customers order Xbox Series X. After starting to order the next-generation console yesterday, some customers apparently ordered the wrong Xbox, especially because Series X is now sold out.

Sony has easily named its game consoles-PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 followed by PlayStation 5, and even the logo of the game console will not surprise anyone. However, at Microsoft, it is not easy to distinguish between consoles, not only for laymen but even for Microsoft itself.

That’s how it happened: According to the screenshots in the tweet from Andrew Alerts embedded below. The Xbox One X sold incredibly well yesterday. Since there may not be a game console in a hurry, when the price of the Xbox Series S is 299 euros, these orders are likely to be customers who actually want to order Series X.

Aside from the similar name, Polygon has stated that pre-orders for the Xbox Series X on Amazon started a little later than planned. So a search for the console has referred customers to the One X. Overall, while not that many customers are likely to experience this issue, some buyers will experience a nasty surprise upon delivery, or worse, not realizing the error until the console is given away to a child. As if pre-ordering an Xbox Series X wasn’t difficult enough.

Let’s just hope that anyone who made this mistake notices it in time to cancel their order. Already, the confusion is causing some to double-check their receipts just in case.

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Source = Amazon, via Andrew Alerts (Twitter)  | Microsoft, via Tom Warren (Twitter) & Polygon

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