Sony cameras will shoot at the level of professional SLR cameras

Sony cameras will shoot at the level of professional SLR cameras

The company has set itself ambitious goals.

Sony’s Japanese company recently held a press conference in China. During the event, the head of Sony Imaging and Sensor Solutions Division talked about the company’s immediate plans.

The demand for multi-camera and large-size image sensors in the mobile phone market has surpassed Sony’s expectations. This year, the most popular was the 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor. Next year, 64- and 108-megapixel sensors will gain popularity. Sony is increasing production to maintain competition.

In addition, the company said it intends to significantly improve the quality of its image sensor. Next year, Sony cameras will have to show better HDR, better results in low light, and faster focus. In addition, the company set itself an ambitious goal: to raise the quality of mobile cameras to the level of professional SLR cameras.

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Japanese tech companies intend to use new technology to offer smartphones a better HDR dynamic range, with the real-time quality background fading as well as increased auto-speed in dark conditions. ۔

Sony is expected to make about $ 9.5 billion this year, of which about $ 8.1 billion will be in the image sensor division. The Chinese market will provide the largest demand.

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