I’m tired, I’m leaving. About PewDiePie and YouTube

I'm tired, I'm leaving. About PewDiePie and YouTube

He continued to do this business for only 10 years.

Swedish blogger Felix Arvid Al Chelberg, known as PDP, is the creator of the YouTube channel of the same name, which crossed 100 million users this August.

A bright YouTube star announced the end of his activities. More precisely, Felix Chilberg said he is taking a break from YouTube, starting in 2020 (the channel was founded in April 2010).

The blogger did not specify a time limit and said he would publish a more detailed explanation for that later. However, in his address, he made it clear that he had simply burned out and ended up simply being busy in this business for 10 years.

“I feel very tired.” He added that he “would like to think about something other than YouTube for the first time in 10 years.”


Authors of content on YouTube are forced to release new exciting new videos to prevent viewership from leaking, and for that reason, we often don’t talk too softly. However, PWDP now has more than 100 million users, and they, as they say, can afford it. The question is whether he will return to YouTube or, as many bloggers with millions of channels, will be tired of the race and fall into history.

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