Google Stadia Game Service Expands

Google Stadia: 4K gaming is now possible for everyone in the Chrome browser

Stadia Controller is a prerequisite for service work

Google has released a small but very important update for the Chromecast Ultra Player, which provides support for the Study Cloud service.

Google has previously announced that the streaming service for the streaming game can be used with any Chromecast Ultra. Previously, only those devices were purchased by Studio users as part of the Special Founder Edition. Essential system updates are now available so that users can play with existing devices.

Nevertheless, there is an urgent need for the Stadia Controller to function for service, as reported by the Stadia Service Official Page.


After the announcement of the cloud gaming service Google Studios, the anticipated excitement in the game’s community was born, however, when it finally announced the launch line, frustrating game fans found only 12 games on the list. Google has promised that the list will be further expanded by the end of the year.

As a result, Google changed its plans and expanded its starting lineup from 12 to 22 games.

Google provides a small but very good update to Chromecast Ultra. This will make it possible to use existing devices for study. Google recently announced a small update for Chromecast Ultra. The streaming service for games from the cloud can be instantly used with any Chromecast Ultra.

Previously, only devices purchased by Founders Edition were purchased by Studio users. System updates are now available so that users can play with existing devices. However, there are no other technical differences in this update. Chromecast Ultra is Chromecast Ultra, regardless of whether it was released or previously purchased by the Founder Edition.

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The Study Controller maintains the need

However, a study controller is needed. If you do not have one, you cannot play Chromecast Ultra. The official pen of the study tweeted about this

Expectations of Google’s cloud gaming service were huge. However, when he finally announced the start of the lineup, there were only 12 games left to disappoint the fans. Google has promised that more games will be available by the end of the year. After the release of the cloud gaming platform, the initial squad of Studios was mocked, and Google has now announced that it will increase its number of games. Then Google decided to change its plan and expanded the initial lineup from 12 to 22 games.

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