Intel anxious for AMD Ryzen: it should now target special CPUs

Intel currently has nothing to compete with for AMD and Threadrapper CPUs. To not completely fall into the high-end multi-core area. The manufacturer is now planning to release a special processor. The Core i9-10990XE depends on 22 cores and 380 watts.

What can Intel Threadsiper offer about AMD’s high-end processor in the form of CPUs? At this point, you may be convinced that no one, like Intel itself, is searching intensively for the answer to this question.

Even the latest top CPU, the Intel Core i9-10980XE, with its 18 cores, can’t even come close to AMD’s offering, which will offer 64 Cores along with the Thread Ripper 3990X. In this regard, new rumours from Asia – exposed on the key platform – appear to be a concerted effort to not completely disappear from the leaderboards in multi-core scenarios.



Looks like computer base ports, Intel is preparing to launch a new exclusive CPU that seeks to breathe life into the Cascade Lake X and older X299 platforms. According to these rumours, the 22-core is attributed to the i9-10990XE, which is fired at a production of 380 watts.

This will result in a base clocked at 4 GHz, a turbo clock of up to 5 GHz, as expected. As ComputerBase adds, similar values ​​are possible on a handful of older X299 platforms: In our own tests, regular CPUs are routed to a peak output of 750 watts.

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No relief despite pressure

Multiplication results from TDP’s efforts with battering ram: After analysis, Intel can manage to get closer to the Threader 3960X with Core i9-10990XE and its performance data in at least some scenarios. The non-official Sen Bench R20 results from Asia attribute the processor to about 14,000 points, here the AMD model reaches 13,500. As always, such rumours need to be treated with caution. Real freedom can’t be expected from Intel with this particular version of the Cascade Leak X series either.

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Intel i9-10900K: Internal data shows up to 30 per cent more performance

A leak wants Intel to be able to deliver outlook on the performance of the next top processor. Accordingly, the Core i9-10900K offers up to 30% more performance in some benchmark tests than the previous 9900K; other results can be just that.

Leak shows the performance of the Core i9-10900K

Information on the Chinese platform Weibo wants to be able to take a look at the internal Intel document. Content: First test data for the next ten-core processor core i9-10900K. Intel itself was completely silent about the upcoming high-end products, and it was expected that the first performance data would slowly but surely reach the masses – however, as usual with Lexus. Accordingly, this content is not official.

Intel core leak

The allegedly leaked Intel document attributes the new i9 processor to a significant increase in performance in some areas, which, however, is limited to certain workloads when the numbers are closely examined. When declaring that the 10900K brings “up to 30 per cent more performance”, the “up to” is the decisive factor, as is so often the case, according to tom hardware in his report.

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