Apple Suppliers expose new 5.4-inch iPhone

Apple Suppliers Apple iPhone 12 Overview: Design returns to classic

Recently, Breaking News Shared by OnLeaks has introduced a new iPhone, a 4.7-inch display, intact touch ID, and a rear-facing camera. It is speculated that this is the “iPhone SE 2” or “iPhone 9” that Apple will release this spring.

However, Japanese media reports said that at the recently concluded CES. Many suppliers revealed that in addition to Touch ID styling. Apple is developing a new iPhone that Contains chip-face recognition style.

This iPhone with A13 and Face ID is similar to the iPhone 7 and the handset is between iPhone 11 and iPhone XS. However, the central camera on the back is much larger than the iPhone 7, and the dual colour temperature flash is the same size.

After the measurements, the iPhone 7’s diagonal size is 137.6 mm, which is about 5 5.4 inches for fullscreen.

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This Year Such news has been troubling the matrix of Apple’s product. But Last Year This kind of news successfully predict the Apple iPod Touch 7. That’s why we say maybe possible the accurately reported about the upcoming iPhone. Combined with the matrix map of iPhone 2020/2021 that Guo Mingying had drawn earlier. This A13 chip is most likely the iPhone 2 compliant with the SE 2 Plus.

iPhone 12 appearance, configuration Qi exposure!

A few days ago, in the latest report, Guofeng Ming, an analyst at Tianfeng International. Once again predicted that Apple will release five new iPhones this year. Fu Zhikang Group’s new product development business one-time engineering expenses. (NRE) is expected to significantly benefit from the increase in new iPhone models and changes in the release cycle.

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Mingming Guo said that among Hon Hai Group, Fu Zhi Kang Group is responsible for new product development. Hon Hai is responsible for assembly and shipment. And Fu Zhi Kang Group’s new iPhone NRE is expected to benefit from the increase in new models and changes in the release cycle

The reports point out that the five new iPhones this year include: 4.7-inch LCD models (iPhone 9 or iPhone SE2) in the first half. 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch OLED rear dual-camera models (iPhone 12 series), and 6.1-inch And a 6.7-inch OLED rear three-camera model (iPhone 12 Pro series).

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