Intel: The latest 6-core Core i5-10600 is inferior to the old Core i7-8700

The latest 6-core Core i5-10600 is inferior to the old Core i7-8700

Not all comet lake is equally useful. Yesterday came the news that Intel’s next-generation budget is pushing the Intel Core i3-10320 processor Core i7-7700. Today is also a comparison of the new model and the old model, and it is no longer in favour of the Comet Lake CPU line.


The Core i5-10600 3D Mark appeared in the database, which in fact made it possible to compare it with the Core i7-8700. They are both six-core with multi-dredging support. The core frequency of the Core i7-8700 is 3.2 GHz, the Core i5-10600 is 3.3 GHz. The maximum frequency of the Core i5-10600 is unknown, but logically it should be 100 MHz higher than the Core i7-8700. That’s 4.7 GHz versus 4.6 GHz.

Intel Core processor

But reviewing the test results, the increase in frequency did not in any way affect the performance of the new CPU. in most tests, the Core i5-10600 was lost. And although these differences are not huge, it is already clear that, first, not all comet lake are equally useful, and secondly, given the need to buy a new motherboard, the Core i7- 8700 users have no reason to change their system in Comet i7-10600 or Comet i7 series Comet Lake models.

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3DMARK CPU performance comparison

3D Mark data shows that the i5-10600 is a 6-core, 12-thread, at 3.3GHz and the basic frequency is unknown. In comparison, the i7-8700 released in the fourth quarter of 2017 is also a 6-core 12-thread, at 3.20 GHz and the basic frequency is 4.6 GHz. But from a central frequency perspective, the i5-10600 outperforms the i7-8700.

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Intel Core processor

Intel i3-10320 9% super i7-7700

i3-10320 has 4 cores and 8 threads, with a central frequency of 3.7GHz and core frequency 4.3GHz. In contrast, Intel’s i7-7700, which was released in 2017, also has a 4-core, 8-thread, which is off at a frequency of 3.6GHz and 4.2GHz.

Intel corei3 processor

Compared to the performance of the 3D Mark CPU, the i7-8700 has a lead of 5.6%. But overall performance leads to i5-10600 0.1

In the 3D Mark database, the i3-10320 has a processor score of 11015, and the i7-7700 has a score of 10116. The 10th generation of the i3 is already 8.9% ahead of the 7th generation of the i7, allowing people to appreciate that Intel’s 14nm process is not really over.

Just past CES 2020, Intel has not yet demonstrated the tenth generation of desktop processors. According to Legend, it is because of power consumption issues that Intel still needs some time to improve.

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