Many Countries Bypass Apple to crack iPhones!

iOS 14 could support the same iPhones as iOS 13

What makes Apple helpless is that more and more countries can bypass them to easily crack iPhones.

Following the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other countries, the Finnish police also stated that starting on January 20, 2020. They will begin using so-called “cyber kiosks” to check and extract the Investigation or accident-related data.

These “kiosks” are desktop computers located at police stations, and security personnel can quickly view the contents of mobile devices. The data that can be extracted includes. But is not limited to contacts, text messages, pictures, videos, and text and applications. These “kiosks” are scrutinized by individuals and institutions to ensure the reliability of data and hardware.

In addition, the phones that can be cracked include the latest iPhone 11 series, which is a complete blow to Apple.

In the words of the police mentioned above, by quickly identifying those with and without evidence. They can minimize interference with people’s lives and provide better services to the public.

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Apple Iphone

Hackers Help the US Unlock Terrorist iPhone Without Apple

December 6, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani (Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani) carried out a terrorist attack at a naval base in Florida

The story with the participation of Apple. US law enforcement and two iPhone smartphones that belonged to a terrorist was further developed.


Experts say that the US authorities may well turn to hackers or, as they are sometimes called security experts. Who use a number of vulnerabilities to unlock smartphones and obtain all the necessary data.

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Well-known iPhone hacker Will Strafach, who heads Guardian Firewall, a company specializing in user data security, said he can handle this task.

iPhone 5 and iPhone 7? Of course, they can be unlocked. I would not say that this task is from the category of “just spit”, but this is not super difficult. Will Strafach

December 6, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani (Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani) carried out a terrorist attack at a naval base in Florida. The action movie had two phones, iPhone 5 and iPhone 7, which were released in 2012 and 2016, respectively. After the death of Arshamrani, the FBI is trying to access blocked smartphones. Apple rejected the request, claiming that the privacy of its customers is crucial for the company.

On December 6, a killer named Mohammed Saeed Al-Shamrani attacked a Florida naval base. Action Movie has two phones, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 7, released in 2012 and 2016, respectively. After Arshirmani’s death, two phones were blocked, and the FBI is currently looking for a way to receive data from the iPhone.

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