Don’t Believe! 8 “Latest News” from New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic:

Up to 3 days! How long can the new Coronavirus live?

Pneumonia of the new coronary artery affects people’s hearts, and at the same time, rumours are circulating one after another. How much do you believe in the following?

Coronavirus Rumour 1: The courier intercepted his mask sale

The SF Express employees intercepted and sold masks on the Internet. On the evening of the 29th, the official Weibo of SF Express Co., Ltd. responded to this.


Coronavirus Rumour 2: Chewing garlic cloves can eliminate new coronavirus

There is a saying on the Internet: Putting the garlic flap in your mouth and biting it, it will-be broken for a while. And then spit it out, which is better than all current oral drugs that eliminate the new coronavirus.

Li Taisheng. Director and professor of infection internal medicine at Peking Union Medical College Hospital. He said that this claim has no scientific basis.

At present, there is no evidence that eating garlic can prevent the new coronavirus. If you can easily prevent garlic, the virus will not be so rampant.

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Coronavirus Rumour 3. Internet supervision department bans WeChat group from spreading related pneumonia

Recently, a statement on “received the notice from the Ministry of Public Security. And the Network Supervision Department, from January 26. All groups must not forward any of the contents of the new type of pneumonia without official confirmation! Anything that is not confirmed by the transmission. The networks supervision department has extracted, causing adverse effects. The news of “All Detentions” went viral online.


After verification, the information was not released by the public security organs.

Rumour 4: The owner of the South China Seafood Market in Wuhan is the daughter-in-law of the Hubei Provincial Political Consultative Conference

Someone claimed online that the owner of Wuhan South China Seafood Market was Yu Tian. ​Aand her father-in-law was Zheng Xinsui, vice chairman of the CPPCC of Hubei Province.


It was-verified that Zheng Xinsui, the former vice-chairman of the CPPCC of Hubei Province, had no son, which is not true.

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Rumour 5: Beijing bus drivers are not allowed to wear masks

Recently, a piece of news about “Beijing bus drivers are not allowed to wear masks” spread on the Internet, causing a lot of attention.

In this regard, Beijing Public Transport Group official Weibo released news that the report is not true and pure rumours. At present, during the period of key prevention and control. All employees on the job are-required to wear masks and maintain good living habits and personal hygiene. At the same time, they must perform daily vehicle disinfection. And ventilation to create a safe environment for passengers and employees.

Coronavirus Rumour # 6: Wuhan will “disconnect” to ban medical staff from sharing relevant information

On the 24th, the Internet reported that “Wuhan will bee disconnected to prevent medical personnel from sharing related information.”

This reporter interviewed the Hubei Provincial Communications Administration and the three major operators. Relevant authorities have clearly responded. This rumour is purely false and completely rumoured. On the contrary, the Hubei Provincial General Administration of Communications. And operators are further strengthening measures to ensure smooth communication.

Rumour 7: Wearing a mask with a cold is facing outwards, but the cold is not the other way around

Recently, rumours have been circulating on the Internet that “the cold side should face the coloured side outwards, and the reverse if no cold”.

In fact, there is only one correct way to wear a mask, that is, the coloured side faces outward and the white or light coloured side faces inward.

Rumour 8: External network spreads video of Wuhan wildlife market

Recently, a video of what is allegedly a wildlife trading market in Wuhan has been circulating on overseas social media. In the picture, various types of wild animals such as snakes, bats and rats are solds in the market. The sidebar wrote: “This is the market in Wuhan, China. It sells all kinds of game. This is how the new coronavirus comes …”



Rumour about White vinegar 

On the 7th, Agence France-Presse stated that the screenshot of the video was-verified by the video verification tool and was actually a wildlife market on Sulawesi, Indonesia, which was released on July 20 last year. Currently, the video has been-marked as fake by Facebook software.

So far, there is no scientific evidence to prove that “smoked vinegar can truly sterilize.”

The concentration of vinegar is usually only 5%. Although in theory cigarette vinegar can increase aerosol acidity in the air and reduce the number of bacteria, the volume of the indoor air is high. The acid used to improve this method as a whole is very limited, not to mention that the bacteria in the air are not sensitive to the acid (environment).

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