Mozilla launched a lightweight browser for low-end and mid-range phones

The size of the lightweight browser is 5MB.

According to media reports on January 29, Mozilla has launched a lightweight browser, Firefox Lite. The browser is specially designed for low-end and mid-range phones.

It is reported that the Firefox Light Mozilla Taiwan team has made in China. Its biggest feature is its lightweight.

Its installation package is only 5MB (for comparison, the Firefox installation package is 53MB), which not only effectively saves mobile phone storage space. But also a small slice of memory.

fire fox lite

It is noteworthy that Firefox Lite has built-in speed mode, which will block ads when turned on, as well as improve the loading speed of web pages to protect user privacy. Will make.

fire fox lite new browser

In addition, Firefox Lite also supports shopping parity. Unless you search for a specific product, it will automatically find shopping sites like Google, Shrimp Shopping, Peachdom, Momo, and Tumblr and display it in the pagination, which will save you more money. Baby is convenient to find. General Chat Chat Lounge

It is a pity that Firefox Lite is currently only available for Android and is currently available on Google Play.

Why we switched for chrome to Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Shubham Agarwal foreign Media journalist talks about his journey from Chrome to Firefox in the latest article written for DT.

According to Agarwal, the relationship between him and Firefox has been going on for years. Each time I was happy to install the update and prepare for central use. But they were overwhelmed by the bad labelling experience and I had to go back to Chrome.

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Mozilla launched a lightweight browser for low-end and mid-range phones

However, after suffering a horrible fanbase due to frequent use of resources on Chrome’s 2015 MacBook Pro, Agarwal decided to switch back to Firefox. Unexpectedly, this time he didn’t look back

According to Agarwal, since the “overhaul” and countless low-level upgrades in 2017. Firefox’s web browsing performance experience has improved significantly, and many pages have even faster loading speeds than Chrome. And all this does not need to invade a large amount of CPU and memory resources, placing a burden on the notebook.

At the same time, Firefox also adds a lot of human features natively, replacing those necessary plug-ins on Chrome, such as file transfer “Send”, password management “Lockwise”, certificate monitoring “Monitor” and so on.

Starting from the v67 version, the Firefox kernel has become much smarter. When she opens a news site. The Browser can automatically load the text first, and then present advertisements, auxiliary elements, and other content. Some mainstream websites, such as Instagram and Twitter, FF’s loading speed is 40% ~ 80% faster.

In the case of running out of memory. FF will temporarily suspend those web pages that have no trace of activity for a period of time.

In addition, FF has stopped running Facebook ads since the “Cambridge Analysis” incident, attaches great importance to user privacy, prompts for possible cryptocurrency scripts in real-time, and fixes zero-day vulnerabilities for the first time. These experiences have made old Chrome Users feel the superiority of switching platforms.

Today, Firefox has become almost the only product in the mainstream browser on the market other than Chromium, which is even more precious.

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