Windows 10 new version released: Easy to reinstall

The most important Windows 10 update this year Fix a big wave of errors on the

This morning, Microsoft launched a new preview system for internal members of Windows 10 Fast Track, version number Blood 19555.1001.

Unlike the past, Build 19555 is not associated with the so-called 20H2 or 21H1, which means the outside world doesn’t know which version of the preview it is. The reason Microsoft is making such changes is that it is at a smaller recent rate of 19H2, and 20H2 will continue this strategy in the second half of this year.

Microsoft confirms IE vulnerability: Windows 10 bug breaks Windows printing

Unfortunately, Blood 19555 lacks significant new features, and only focuses on bug fixes, mainly including:

For example, some USB 3.0 drives have a non-responsive error when Start Code 10 appears, which returns the function (ie, reinstalls the system) when resetting the device. ). ARM64 devices can not be upgraded, security centre security history can display a loading progress bar. In some cases, print preview is not displayed, and some content is updated and Security does not agree

At present, RTM has been signed for 20H1, and it is expected to be launched between March and May this year.

Windows Core OS remains one of Microsoft’s secrets.

This was recently revealed from Microsoft product manager Naim Ayat’s Linkedin profile page. Naim’s experience wrote:

On the team building the Windows Core OS: the basis for future iterations of Windows 10. Windows Mixed Reality (HoloLens), and Xbox system software.

Lead multiple teams to develop innovative file system technologies. That will increase the resource efficiency of Windows instances running in the Azure cloud by 20 times.

Currently running on Windows 10X, the operating system is suitable for dual-screen PCs. Such as Surface Neo (to be launched in the 2020 holidays).

But it is difficult to understand what it is

Years ago, there were rumours about the Windows Core OS operating system, also known as Windows Lite, on the web. It was then thought that this would be the OS of the two-screen devices.

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And finally, such an OS comes with Windows 10 X only. But it was unclear whether Windows 10X is a new name for Windows Core OS or the latter has always been another product still standing in the gut of Microsoft.


And now we have the indications that the second option is correct. Microsoft’s LinkedIn profile mentions Windows Core OS, and it looks like something you’ve eliminated by the name of Windows 10X won’t be referenced.

Specifically, it states that the developer worked on a future version of the software platform for Windows Core OS, Windows 10, Windows Mixed Reality, and Xbox.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to draw any conclusions from this. Probably, Windows Core OS is not named for a specific new version of Windows, but rather for a specific set of solutions that will be used in the future for various Microsoft software products, including the new version of Windows 10.

In any case, it seems that Windows Core OS, whatever it is, exists and has not changed to Windows 10X.

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