How “asymptomatic” spread the coronavirus

How "asymptomatic" spread the coronavirus

Asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus also spread the infection. Chinese scientists warn – they found RNA viruses in the ward, where patients were without symptoms.

Asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus are also able to spread infectious diseases warning Chinese researchers from Sichuan University. The study was published in the journal mSphere.

SARS-CoV-2 may not be well understood, are considered copyrighted works.

Researchers took air samples and flushes from surfaces, including doorknobs, toilet bowls, bedside tables, etc. In six hospital wards, where 13 patients with COVID-19 were. These were rooms of negative pressure – ventilation in them created pressure below the environment so that air could enter the chamber. But not leave it (outside air comes from areas with higher pressure to an area with a lower pressure, which prevents polluted air from entering neighboring rooms). This approach is used to isolate patients with diseases spread by airborne droplets.

Among the patients were two asymptomatic, in the rest the infection was mild.

44 out of 112 samples contained virus RNA. Air samples turned out to be negative

Among the positive samples were those obtained from asymptomatic patients.

“The data obtained indicate that the environment in this department. Where patients with a mild form of the disease or without symptoms were widely polluted by SARS-CoV-2,”. In particular, a virus was detected in a single room with an asymptomatic patient in four areas, including bedding. This emphasizes that asymptomatic patients with COVID-19 can pollute their environment and. Therefore, endanger the health of family members and healthcare providers. ”

The author emphasizes that isolating asymptomatic COVID-19 patients at home poses a risk to their family members. And it is best to place such patients in the hospital. They also show that it is important to pay special attention to air purification.

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In some houses, the researchers were able to detect virus traces in more places than in other houses. Scientists pointed out that this may be insufficient cleaning and disinfection of the premises.

The authors of the study say that the fact that patients are in negative pressure wards may cause false illusions about safety. They emphasized that regardless of the conditions, the patient’s environment must be disinfected most thoroughly.

Previously, Maria Van Kerchove, WHO COVID-19 response technical director. She said that the asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus is extremely rare.

She said: “According to the data we have, it seems that asymptomatic carriers are unlikely to spread the infection to others.” -We have many reports from other countries. They monitor asymptomatic carriers and their contact and do not detect further transmission. This is very rare. ”

In response to these words, a statement from scientists who disagreed with the safety of asymptomatic carriers appeared immediately. Then, Van Kerchow explained that her words were based on only a few studies, and not all studies were reviewed.

The issue of WHO’s position on coronavirus has been raised before.

Therefore, experts continue to insist that the virus can be transmitted only by sneezing and coughing, without taking into account that smaller secretions can be kept in the air.

Based on assumptions about how the virus spreads, WHO does not recommend that everyone except doctors wear masks. Some scientists suspect that WHO’s position is not based on research, but on the desire to ensure that health workers are provided with masks.

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WHO and other experts have reached a consensus on one thing-there are still many white spots in coronavirus research, and it takes time to reach a clear conclusion. However, scientists require WHO staff to speak out in this case.

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