“The Lancet” Announces New Color Pictures of Coronavirus

WHO launches international cooperation to response to new coronavirus

The pneumonia epidemic has spread, and domestic and foreign scientific research institutions have continued to study the new coronavirus themselves. Recently, the top medical journal “The Lancet” published colour photos of the new virus (2019-nCoV / novel coronavirus):

Color Pictures of Coronavirus

It is a pseudo-coloured image that looks beautiful, but it also shows a small appearance of the new virus. The surface is covered with a coron like a devil’s mouth.

Meanwhile, The Lancet also published a preliminary research report on the new corona virus, which anyone can freely view. But Lancet emphasized that current research on new coronavirus is still preliminary and information is also available. Are not complete. Many ignorances.

Color Pictures of Coronavirus

In addition, the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Center for Microbial Scientific Data, and the National Pathogen Microbial Resource Library recently launched the first isolation of a new coronavirus strain in China, and its electron micrographs, nucleic acids. Have released information about detecting. Primer and Probe Series. Information is the first time relevant and important authoritative information has been released in China.

Two pieces of Coronavirus-related information are released

Two pieces of virus-related information are released, one being “New Corona Virus Wuhan Stress 01”, which was collected from clinical patients in Wuhan and isolated on January 6:

Pictures of Coronavirus

image of Coronavirus

The second is the “New Coronavirus Wuhan strain 02”, which was collected from environmental samples in Wuhan. And was isolated on January 22:

pic of Coronavirus

According to reports, the coronavirus is a large class of viruses known to cause the disease. Patients with various clinical symptoms ranging from the common cold to severe lung infections. Such as Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), are postoperative SARS that arose 17 years ago.

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The New Corona Virus 2019-n Cone discovered this time in Wuhan is a new type of virus that was not previously found in humans.

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