Latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Important Data leak

Latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Important Data leak

Samsung’s new foldable phone has posed for the cameras once again. Engadget has published photos that were sent in to the publication from one of their readers, and they show the phone in both the folded and unfolded state.

We get to see just how tall the Galaxy Z Flip is and also a crease in the middle of the foldable display. Since these photos were taken at an angle, the crease looks more pronounced, but as we’ve realized after using the Galaxy Fold, the crease becomes a non-issue after you use the device for a week or two.

What isn’t clear is if the display is covered by glass. The Galaxy Z Flip is said to use ultra-thin glass, which might be why we can’t notice anything. The photos also us the thick bezels around the display and how thick the phone itself will be when it’s folded shut, especially at the part where it folds and unfolds.

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That’s to be expected from a foldable phone with a clamshell design, though, and it’s not likely to bother anyone who might pick up a Galaxy Z Flip when it goes on sale later this month.

The Galaxy Z Flip will be unveiled in San Francisco on February 11 at Samsung’s Unpacked event. We will have boots on the ground over there and will bring you all the information you need on the company’s new foldable phone and also the Galaxy S20 series and the new Galaxy Buds+. Well, all the information that hasn’t already leaked, that is.

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