New crown pneumonia is latent for up to 24 days! A word of relief from experts

How does the new crown virus perform nucleic acid detection? So it is

Crown Pneumonia: On February 9, a team led by Zhong Nanshan, a group leader and expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a top-level expert at the National Health and Medical Commission, announced the latest research findings on a new coronavirus pattern. Of these, the incubation period for the affected individuals can be up to 24 days, which is receiving widespread attention.

This study analyzed and evaluated the medical characteristics of 1099 new crown pneumonia patients in 552 hospitals in 31 provinces/municipalities / autonomous regions across the country.

It was found that the incubation period of the new crown virus infection (from exposure to the source of infection until the onset of symptoms) was very low. Up to 24 days with an average incubation period of 3 days, which is less than the 5.2 days recently offered for 425 patients, and longer than the longest commonly thought 14 days.

Therefore, the study states that the presence of “super communicators” (especially with longer incubation periods) cannot be ruled out.

In this regard, a member of the research team, Guan Weijie, told the media that the incubation period of 24 days is still an example.

He also emphasized that there are currently relevant articles on the Internet, but not the actual text of this paper, but rather a research publication, which is for expert review only. Currently, relevant papers are still in the submission phase, and their global peers need to be reviewed before they can be officially published.


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