Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 + can finally be appreciated in front

Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 + can finally be appreciated in front

The frame at the top and bottom of the screen of these smartphones is very tight.

Aware of the network known as the Ice Universe continues to confirm that it has the development of the South Korean company Samsung’s department and the supply of Galaxy Smartphones components.

On this occasion, for the first time, it posted a real picture showing the front panels of the Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 + smartphones. Previously, we showed only extraordinary cameras in the back panel and new smartphones.

When examining these protective glasses, smartphones do not have frames left and right on the screens, where they are normally curved with this line of devices.


The screen upper and lower frames of these smartphones are very narrow. There is no hole for the front camera, which should cut off in the upper part of the screen, because the glass will simply cover the camera, and it will protect it from damage.

Yesterday, the first official image of the Samsung Galaxy S11 + appeared, showing us part of the new smartphone camera.

The official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S11 line expected February 18 in San Francisco.

Samsung’s new unkillable smartphone debuts immediately with Android 10

Galaxy XCover Pro Certified

Samsung could soon launch a new model in a series of secure smartphones Galaxy X-Cover. This was s by Meshaal Rehman, chief editor of Excerpt Resources XDA Developers.

galaxy x cover

According to sources, the number will appear on the model store shelves under the SM-G715F called Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro. It will be rolling out soon in Europe and will be working on the latest version of the Android 10 operating system.

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galaxy x cover1

This model is already certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Previously, it was also viewed in the Geekbench database. Benchmark has confirmed Android 10, Exxon 9611 single-chip system and 4GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy x cover

As we can see, the XCover Pro smartphone is mid-range. Perhaps it will be even easier than the Galaxy X Core Field Pro, released in late October

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Source = GsMarena, Twitter

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