Remdesivir officially states that Chinese patients are being tested for free.

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Last night Gilead issued an official statement on Remdesivir treatment and patent issues, emphasizing that it is currently expanding its supply and supply of medicines at no cost. And Gilead emphasized that it had acquired the Coronavirus Have already applied for a patent for the treatment. We will not consider issues such as supply costs and financial returns at this time.

There is no effective drug for the newborn coronavirus, and they speed up the search for domestic and foreign medicines that can be used for treatment. Recently, medicines developed by Glad Corporation in the United States have shown results, and clinical trials are underway in China.

Wuhan Virus Research Institute had previously applied for a Remdesivir patent for the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia, which has also sparked a heated debate on the Internet. In such cases, Gilad’s latest statement was issued.

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The official statement is

About Reid Western Wei ( Remdesivir ) for 2019-nCoV clinical trials

Reid Western Wei (Remdesivir ) is a widely used anti-viral drug in development and has not yet been approved in any country in the world. Red Western V (Remdesivir ) demonstrated animal models in vivo and in vitro in mars and SARS functional viral pathogens. They are also coronaviruses and similar structures in 2019-nCoV. Limited clear data for Myers and SARS shows that Red Western V (Remdesivir ) is likely to be active 2019-nCoV.

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Gilead has partnered with the Chinese Health Department to support two clinical trials of 2019-nCoV-infected individuals to determine the safety and efficacy of Remdesivir as a potential cure for the Coronavirus.

One study assessed the effectiveness of Remdesivir in patients diagnosed with 2019-nCoV and was admitted to the hospital but did not show significant clinical symptoms (eg, excess oxygen breath), and another diagnosed (Remdesivir) is used in the diagnosis of more severe patients with medical symptoms (such as oxygen requirement).

Both clinical trials were led by Chinese researchers and were conducted in Wuhan. Gilead provides the study medication at no cost and supports the study’s design and practice.

We expect the lead research unit of the clinical trials to announce more details in the near future.

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Remember, Remodevir is an experimental drug, and so far only a very small number of 2019-nCoV-infected patients have been used, so we do not fully understand its utility, and at present it is insufficient.

Make sure the medicine is medicine. Widely available. If the results of the preliminary studies identify the potential safety and effectiveness of Remdesivir in the treatment of 2019- nCoV infection, we will work to establish different plans and use appropriate channels to test this experimental nature of Remdesivir. The drug is open to most patients. We are also discussing the possibility of future clinical trials with different organizations.

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Discussing the supply of Remdesivir

Reid Western Wei (Remdesivir) is a research drug that is not yet approved in any country in the world. In response to the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa in recent years, Gilead increased production of Remdesivir, established a product inventory to respond to infectious diseases of the future, and increased readmissions for Remdesivir. Inventory of raw materials. We are using this inventory to meet the demand for “sympathetic drugs” and currently planning two clinical trials for China.

Although it has not been determined whether the drug can safely and effectively treat 2019-nCoV infection, given the urgency of the current situation, we take various measures to accelerate production schedules and increase supply. , Including expanding the external network.

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Pharmaceutical Partners to accelerate the purchase of raw materials, bulk pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals. At the same time, we started to build Red Western V (inside Remdesivir) to complement the capacity of the external production network.

Gilead China-2017-NCoV is actively cooperating with the Chinese government and medical institutions to assist clinical trials of victims. We also regularly communicate with government agencies to update our latest progress in increasing production.

Discussing the Patent of Remdesivir

Gilead Reid manufactured Western Wei (Remdesivir) and patented in the United States, China, and other parts of the world. In 2016, China and the world applied for more patents for Red Western V (Remdesivir Request) on coronaviruses. In China, patent applications for coronavirus requests are pending.

Gilead has no right to interfere with whether the Patent Office grants patents to Chinese researchers. More than three years after Gilead submitted the application, the Wuhan Institute of Virology filed a patent.

This application will be based on current synthetic drug knowledge and pending patents. We cannot comment on the details of the researcher’s patent application, as the content of the patent application will not be published until 18 months later. Currently, our focus is to determine the potential safety and effectiveness of Remdesivir in treating 2019-nCoV victims as early as possible and to accelerate production schedules for future supply-demand.

Reid Western Wei ( Remdesivir )  is an investigative agent, which means it has not yet been identified as a 2019-nCoV treatment for safety and efficacy. Gilead China, the United States, and the World Health Organization are making every effort to have close contact and cooperation with health officials so that the safety and efficacy of Remdesivir as a 2019-nCoV treatment will be determined as soon as possible. We are also working hard to expand the drug production scale to meet potential supply requirements in the future.

We understand that it is too early to discuss any compulsory or another type of licensing at this stage. We have not discussed with Gilead Regulators about production costs or financial gains.

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