Vietnam has created the first testkit for 2019-nCov which gives result in only 70min

WHO launches international cooperation to response to new coronavirus

The rapid coronavirus test kit was researched by 2 scientists at Hanoi University of Technology in 70 minutes instead of 9 hours as usual.

On 7/2, at the plenary session of the Association of Intellectual Women, Center for Applied Science and Technology and Entrepreneurship, two scientists. Le Quang Hoa and TS. Nguyen Le Thu Ha announces that she has successfully studied the coronavirus rapid test kit: RT-LAMP bio-product.

The RT-LAMP bio-product is a nucleic acid isothermal amplification technique specifically used to detect the RNA of pathogenic viruses.

If previously, to want to test cases of suspected coronavirus infection, Vietnam must apply the method of genetic sequencing in 3-5 days. Then, with the WHO test sample combined with the molecular biology test method, the test time was reduced to less than 9 hours.

“The usual RT-PCR reaction in the WHO test sample takes 240 minutes for the whole procedure. But with this research work, it will produce results only after 70 minutes ”, PhD. Draw share.

The advantages of RT-LAMP biological products are simple equipment, capable of being applied in the field, high sensitivity and specificity, etc. However, the development of biological products is quite complicated.

Ms Le Thi Khanh Van – Director of Center for Applied Science and Technology and Start-up said: “We are looking forward to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science and Technology supporting this research result in clinical trials to soon mass production, contributing to rapid test of coronavirus to district hospitals instead of testing only in big hospitals and have to wait as long as today. ”

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