Coronavirus Update: The incubation period is up to 24 days! Zhong Nanshan: Beware of Super Communicators

Why coronavirus mortality is so low in Germany

On February 9, the leader of the National Health and Medical Commission’s high-level expert group and the Chinese Academy of Engineering’s expert, Zhong Nanshan, jointly commissioned 37 frontline workers in the national epidemic prevention work to complete the research.

The results of “Clinical Characteristics of New Coronavirus Infection in China in 2019” were added to the Medical Research Paper Web site, Med Archives.

This is the first case study of the largest sample of new coronary pneumonia to date, covering the characteristics of 1099 patients with coronary dysfunction and new coronary pneumonia in 552 hospitals in 31 provinces/cities across the country.

This study found that incubation of new coronavirus infection (time from exposure to onset of symptoms) was shortened to 0 days and up to 24 days, and the median incubation period was 3 days, which is less than 5.2. The day recently reported on 425 patients. At the same time, it is longer than the longest 14 days normally thought.


According to this study, “super spreaders” (especially prolonged incubation periods) cannot be ruled out, but only 43.8% of patients showed symptoms of fever in the early stage and 87.9% of fever after hospitalization. Was, so do not focus too much on the definition of fever identified, or your diagnosis may be missed.

In addition, radiologic manifestations are usually found in some infected patients, so the accuracy of diagnosing new coronavirus infection by CT alone is 76.4%.

In terms of symptoms, fever and cough were the most common, which was ٪ ٪ .. 9% and .7 67..7%, respectively, but at the consultation, only .8 43..8% of patients had fever symptoms. , And diarrhea (7.7%) and vomiting (5.0) as well. 2).

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25.2% of patients have at least one underlying illness, such as hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Depending on the patient’s age, the median value was 47.0 years but could be at any age, 0.9% below 15 years, and 41.90% female.

The history of contact with patients is also noteworthy: 43.95% are local residents of Wuhan, 31.30% have moved to Wuhan outside Wuhan, 71.80% have contacted Wuhan people, and 26.0% have not seen Wuhan recently, Or did not contact the people of Wuhan. The contact has a history, but only 1.18% have had direct contact with wildlife.

Recent Update

Guan Weijie, a member of the research team, said that the 24-day incubation period is still a case.

He also emphasized that there are currently relevant articles on the Internet, but not the actual text of this paper, but rather a research publication, which is for expert review only. Currently, relevant papers are still in the submission phase, and their global peers need to be reviewed before they can be officially published.

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