Vivo V1955A iQOO 3 5G AnTuTu running points Leaks

Vivo V1955A iQOO 3 5G AnTuTu running points Leaks

On February 15, AnTuTu official Weibo unveiled screenshots of AnTuTu running the Vivo V1955A. It is not surprising that this phone will be released on February 25 via VIO on February 25. iQOO 3 5G.

Earlier, in our first evaluation of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro for high-speed technology, the machine scored 552,000 points. The VIVO score jumped directly to 597,000 points, which is AnTuTu highest mobile phone score so far.


The benefits of IQ3 3G are reflected in the GPU and MEM scores, which is about 10,000 points compared to other Snapdragon 865 phones, Intu said. The advantages of the GPU appear primarily in the latest version of the iQOO 3 5G driver V444, and the other Snapdragon 865 mobile phone driver versions remain primarily on the V440. The advantages of MEM are mainly seen in the combination of UFS 3.1 storage chip and LPDDR5 memory.

From the picture, we can also see that the iQ3 3G is equipped with Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, equipped with 12 GB LPDR5 memory and 256 GB UFS 3.1 ROM, screen resolution 2400×1080 (21: 9), and this system is Android 10.

Vivo APEX 2020 unofficial renderings Leaked

Although only a short time has elapsed since the MWC 2020, new machines will be unveiled at MWC one after another. Previously, Vivo confirmed that it will release a new generation of concept phone Apex 2020 in MWC 2020, and now there is breaking news that the unofficial offer of the phone has been released.

February 9 news, broke the news that BenGeskin issued a rendering of vivo APEX 2020.

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vivo smart phone

The Vivo APEX 2020 in the picture is based on the overall Vivo NEX3, and the front design is seamless. It is speculated that camera technology is included at the bottom of the screen. The camera at the back of the fuselage is marked with a “5-7.5X optical zoom” optical zoom, and a “gamble camera” camera in the shape of a jumble.

Previously, Vivo announced that it will hold a new product launch conference in MWC Barcelona 2020 (February 23 to February 24), officially launching Vivo Apex 2020. The poster reveals that his theme is “Smart Future,” and further details about the View Apex 2020 are temporarily unknown.

It is speculated that the third-generation Apex may be equipped with an under-screen camera, after all, this is a big trend for future smartphones. In addition, the third-generation Vivo APEX APEX 2019 can continue the non-secure design. The biggest highlight of the previous generation Epox 2019 is that there are nobody holes.

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