A new symptom of coronavirus detected

Scientists have discovered a new atypical symptom of COVID-19

Scientists have discovered a new atypical symptom of COVID-19

British scientists at the University of Liverpool say that coronavirus infection can cause atypical inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis). According to their research, the new symptoms of COVID-19 are mainly manifested in young obese men-acute pancreatitis in them begins with an increase in blood sugar and fat.

Scientists at the University of Liverpool discovered a new symptom of a coronavirus-an atypical lesion of the pancreas. The research results were published in the medical journal “Gastroenterology”.

British experts have found that in some patients with COVID-19, the infection manifests as an increase in sugar and fat in the blood. It should be noted that the signs of this disease are mainly found in obese young people.

In addition, these patients were later diagnosed with acute pancreatitis (pancreatic inflammation-“Website”). The doctor believes that the previously mentioned symptoms are signs of this particular pathology, which changes its typical course of disease under the influence of coronavirus.

The authors of the study emphasize that now, by identifying new symptoms of pancreatitis, doctors will be able to diagnose COVID-19 patients at an early stage.

As Anastasia Tarasko, an endocrinologist, explained to the Website, high blood sugar always means diabetes. “If a person donates blood and suddenly he has a blood sugar of more than 11 millimoles per liter – this is the basis for the diagnosis of diabetes.” Another thing is what type he is, ”she explained.

In the context of acute pancreatitis, diabetes often occurs, but it is usually temporary. If the patient strictly controls the diet and receives the correct treatment, everything will disappear,”

The expert said and added that if he has genetic susceptibility, diabetes can remain on the patient forever.

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The doctor emphasized that a large amount of fat tissue will release inflammatory substances into the blood, and the blood itself is the source of chronic inflammation, which is why new symptoms of coronavirus are found in overweight people.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation reported that the atypical symptoms of COVID-19 are characteristic of the elderly.

“Elderly patients may have atypical manifestations of the disease without fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. The symptoms of COVID-19 may be mild, which may be inconsistent with the severity of the disease and the severity of the prognosis.

Therefore, the disease of the elderly may be accompanied by delirium, conjunctivitis, tachycardia, and spatial disorientation.

In addition, the same document reported that the first symptom of human infection with the new coronavirus may be skin damage, especially rash, mossy rosacea, ulcers, erythema, and urticaria.

However, according to a study by Spanish dermatologists, tissue death in various parts of the body was found in 6% of patients with COVID-19 out of 375 examined. According to doctors, due to a lack of blood supply, the skin first becomes spotty, red and purple stains appear that resemble lace in shape, and then lose their ability to regenerate.

In addition, experts from Italy reported that in some cases, coronavirus can cause paralysis. According to their observations, someone’s facial muscles or respiratory system were paralyzed, and in some patients, the lower limbs also stopped moving.

According to doctors, because coronavirus antibodies begin to fight against their own tissues in the nerve membrane, they cannot perform a motor response. The most common is that within a few weeks after the acute infection, this causes inflammation of the peripheral nerves and subsequent paralysis. However, in most patients, the ability to move later will be restored.

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Similarly, in the early stages, one of the atypical symptoms of COVID-19 is a lack of hangover after drinking alcohol. According to Vladimir Zaitsev, an otolaryngologist, in this case, the patient will quickly get tired of any work, feel pain in the eyes, and persistent weakness.

“If you didn’t drink alcohol yesterday, but today you suddenly feel weak, heavy, start to break, tremble, eye pain and fatigue increase, and the temperature does not rise to a very high level-this may indicate the beginning of the development of the disease,” he told Zvezda TV channel.

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